School Reorganization

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I am happy to say that we have been granted additional staffing for this school year.  Currently our junior and intermediate classes are at 30 and 31 students.  When we reorganize the school, our junior and intermediate classes will decrease in size.  Our primary and kindergarten classes will not be affected by the reorganization.    We have posted for a grade 8 classroom teacher.  Our wish is to have the new teacher in place and classes switched by Friday September 25th.   Our classes will now be as follows. 

JK/SK              Ms. Anderson

JK/SK              Ms. Coad

Grade 1          Ms. Graham

Grade 2          Mrs. Wilson

Grade 2          Mrs. Tokar

Grade 2/3       Mrs. Pogue and Mrs. Lang

Grade 3/4       Mrs. Forget

Grade 4/5       Mr. Thibadeau

Grade 5/6       Mrs. McCrae

Grade 6          Mrs. Jenkins

Grade 7          Mrs. McReelis

Grade 8          To be Hired