Grade 8 Graduation – Location Change

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Parents of our Grade 8 Graduates;


There has been much talk about the location of Graduation for this year’s Grade 8 class.  This talk is due to the cost of renting the Community Centre for our Graduation.  To keep a long story short, the cost of renting the Community Centre has risen drastically over the last two years which made us as a school think that it was more cost effective to hold the graduation ceremony here at the school.  Graduation has not always been up at the Community Centre and in fact it only moved back up to the Community Centre in 2009 after being held here at the school for a number of years.

I have received requests to move the graduation back up to the Community Centre, and even had parents volunteer to pay for the rental.  I did not feel comfortable having a few parents pay for the rental all by themselves.  We are in a unique situation here at DDES, with grad having been held at a Community Centre and not at the school.  There is only one other school in our board that I know of that does this and they receive the facility that they use for free every year.  I have done some research with colleagues in other boards and have discovered that in fact some smaller schools do hold the graduation ceremonies at other venues.  In doing so, they charge for tickets to get in to the grad to cover the cost of the rental.  This got me to thinking that we could do likewise here at DDES.  There were a number of parents who requested more seats than we were allotting to each graduate, and this would alleviate this issue.

I have spoken with Aimee Haynes (School Council Chair) and we have come to a compromise.  The school will be asking for $4 per guest.  This should help in covering the cost of the rental of the Dunsford Community Centre and allow us to hold our graduation there.   Please complete the form below to indicate how many tickets you will be requiring for our Dunsford District Elementary School Graduation on the evening of Monday June 27th and return it with the correct amount of money to reserve your seats.  We will need the form and the money returned by Friday June 24th to know the number of seats we need to ask the Community Centre to put out for us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school.


Greg Arkwright

The _____________________ family will need ____ seats reserved for the DDES Graduation ceremony.


___ seats x $4 = ________    Signed:______________________________