Fifth Disease Confirmed at DDES (week of May 5 to 9)

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Fifth Disease

Parents and community members, please be aware that we have had a confirmed case of Fifth Disease at DDES.

I am NOT a doctor and would not suggest that I/we are able to diagnose at the school. However, I have included a link below to the Centre for Disease Control with additional information on Fifth Disease:

The article notes that Fifth Disease is fairly common and outlines typical symptoms. Again, I am NOT a doctor, but the tone of the article is that most people should not be overly concerned by this.

THERE ARE POTENTIAL CONCERNS FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. For this reason, I would ask that if you suspect your son/daughter has contracted Fifth Disease to see a doctor for diagnosis (one of our staff members is pregnant and we do have parents who are pregnant, as well). If your son/daughter is diagnosed with Fifth Disease, please let the school know by phoning the office at 705-793-2088.