Lacrosse Camps at DDES May 20 and 21

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DDES Lacrosse Camp by Nationwide Lacrosse
Tuesday, May 20th
Wednesday, May 21st

We are excited to announce the upcoming LAX camp at DDES on the dates noted above! On these dates, Sean Evans and Brad Self (both former professional lacrosse players in the NLL) will be coming to DDES to run approximately 1 hour LAX sessions for each class.

Students will learn the basics of lacrosse during these sessions (e.g., how to throw and catch the ball, positioning and how to shoot).

For those of you who are familiar with lacrosse, you know what an exciting and action packed sport it is! For those of you who are not familiar with lacrosse, we/I hope that you will develop an appreciation for it. Since both of my kids have played lacrosse in the past few years…my wife and I are complete lacrosse converts! And, really, we all should be aware of one of Canada’s national summer sports!

Our lacrosse sessions will be NON-CONTACT which will significantly reduce the chance of students being hurt! Mr. Evans and Mr. Self will be bringing all of the equipment needed for the sessions – your daughter or son will just need proper gym equipment to participate.