DDES Day of Kindness

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DDES’ Day of Kindness

Friday, May 16th

DDES celebrated a Day of Kindness on Friday, May 16th! Mrs. Loucks and Mrs. McFarland organized the Day of Kindness to provide students with the opportunity to provide kind words, kind actions and positive comments to other students. In short, this was a way for our students to show their outstanding character (and learn other ways to show it, as well)!

Over the course of the day, students circulated through a number of stations – each with a different focus and purpose. Our grade 7 and 8 students acted as groups leaders for students in JK through to 6 and did their usual excellent job. Without the help of our older students days such as this could never be a success.

Stations included:

an Art Activity where students created an artistic impression of what kindness meant to their group. These posters were then posted in the activity room.

Wordles that were completed in the computer lab by student. Do not know what a Wordle is? Google it and find out!

a Broken Telephone activity where students learned how one comment can change as it is repeated by different people. The importance of speaking to someone directly, rather than listening to what someone else has said, was stressed!

a Post-It-Note activity where individual students wrote down something about kindness or what kindness means to them, with the notes being posted in the Activity room.

students receiving an individual Compliment Card created by the other students in his/her group. Each student put their name on the top of Compliment Card and other students wrote compliments about him/her on the card.

Compliment Dodgeball. All of the standard rules applied, except when you hit someone with the ball you had to provide them a compliment!

an Empowering Circle. Students sat in a circle with several students in the middle. Positive statements were read out and when a student in the middle felt that that statement matched a student in the circle, they tapped that student.

a Library read-aloud. A book regarding kindness or character was read out loud and students discussed the message of the book.

Given the success of the day, Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Loucks are already planning for next year. They are tentatively thinking of having a similar day in November and perhaps a second day later on in the year.

Thanks also to the staff who operated the stations and helped contribute to the smooth running of the day.