Turtle Trauma Centre Visit

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Turtle Trauma Centre Visit

Mrs. Wilson’s and Ms. Graham’s Class

On Friday, May 23rd, Mrs. Wilson’s and Ms. Graham’s class visited the Turtle Trauma Centre in Peterborough.

Students learned about a variety of local turtles upfront and close – with live turtles being brought out and shown to students. You will see the photo of a pretty substantial snapping turtle in the attached photos.

With the benefit of live turtles being there, students learned a great deal about turtles and where and how they live. Unsurprisingly, given Mrs. Wilson’s class’ study of turtles this year, the staff at the Centre commented that they had never students at that age who knew more about turtles! If you want to know something about turtles then there is no better place to start than the students in Mrs. Wilson’s class!

As well, students also participated in an art activity related to turtles.

Did you know that May 23rd was World Turtle Day? We did not either until Mrs. Wilson informed us! Last Friday, people around the world brought awareness to endangered turtles. The turtle has survived for over 220 million years (they are as old dinosaurs).

A number of Ontario’s turtle species are threatened and at risk. Interested in finding out more or helping? Check out the link below:


(there is NO political agenda from me with this link – it is being used because it is a good source of information)

Our students were very well-behaved – great job! Thanks to the volunteers who attended. Thanks to the DDES staff for organizing this visit.