Jump Rope for Heart

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Dunsford District Elementary School is pleased to be holding our annual Heart & Stroke Foundation JUMP Rope For Heart event on Friday, May 15th, at 2:00 PM . All money raised will support the Heart & Stroke Foundation in their
mission to promote children’s health and fund vital heart and stroke research.

JUMP Rope for Heart encourages kids to get active by skipping rope while they collect pledges for heart
disease and stroke research. They also learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and giving back
to their community.

Participating schools can receive a portion of proceeds back from the Heart & Stroke Foundation to
support the purchase of physical education equipment or to assist with other School needs.
We need your help to reach our School fundraising goal of $3,500.

Please help support your child’s fundraising efforts by registering them online at JumpRopeForHeart.ca
and sending out donation requests to friends, family and colleagues. All students
who register online will receive a free skipping rope from the Heart & Stroke Foundation! Online fundraising is the quickest way to reach all of your contacts and online donors receive an automatic tax receipt.
If you need assistance, please visit jumpropeforheart.ca and check out our online fundraising videos and
step by step “how-to” resources.

Each student will also be bringing home a pledge envelope to collect cash and cheque donations in
person. Please ensure that their pledge envelope is returned before or on May 15th.