Tonight Dec 5th, Parent Information Night

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On Wednesday, December 5th, the teachers at Dunsford will be doing a full-day training session to learn about executive functions (EFs). We would like to invite you to join a special parent’s session with our speaker from 6:30 – 7:30 later that day. This will be an interactive workshop, and you will learn a lot about yourself that will help you better understand your child. 
EFs are a very important topic for parents. Mastering EFs such as organization, time management, and attention will help your child to be successful and happy in life.
–       EFs work alongside your intellect and creativity to help you achieve goals.
–       If you’re not successful at something, it might be because of an EF barrier and not because you’re not smart or creative.
–       EFs grow and develop until you are in your early 20s.
–       Everyone has a few stronger EFs and a few weaker EFs.
–       Even the brightest and most creative people have a few weaker EFs.
–       If children learn about their EF challenges they can learn specific strategies to support them, and…
–       If children learn specific strategies to support their EFs they can show their intellect and creativity more, and..
–       If children can show their intellect and creativity more they will be more successful at school and feel better about themselves, and…
–       if children are more successful at school they will set higher goals, have better lives, and be happier!