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Volume 8




April  1, 2011


Message from the Principal


Spring has officially come!  Although the end of March did not feel like spring, as I sit writing this message the weather channel claims that we will have above zero temperatures by the week’s end.  I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing the beginnings of green grass and flowers by the end of April.  I hope that the March Break was an enjoyable one for all.  The week away from school seems to have brought everyone back and energized for the “homestretch” of the year.  It seems incredible to think that we have only 3 months of the school year left!


March was a relatively quiet month.  That being said, students were engaged in a number of activities.  Much of February and early March was spent preparing for speeches with gym level presentations taking place just prior to the Break.  DDES’ top Junior and Intermediate Battle of the Books teams competed in the Lindsay area competition on March 29th and 30th.  The school basketball teams have continued practising and are preparing for the Zone Tournaments on April 8th (Junior team and Intermediate Boys team) and April 6th (Intermediate Girls team).


Key April dates include the above mentioned basketball tournaments, Spring Photos will take place on Wednesday, April 6th (whole school) and Thursday, April 7th (JK/SK class), Grade 8 Grad Photos will also be on April 7th, a Staff-Student Basketball Game (against the Junior and Intermediate teams) on April 21st at 2:45 p.m. and the April Character Education Assembly on Thursday, April 28th at 2:30 p.m..   



School Council News


The School Council met on Monday, March 7th.  Topics under discussion included information from Mr. Parish on teaching techniques being implemented in classrooms (learning goals, success criteria and descriptive feedback) and information involving the Spring Fundraiser.  The School Council decided upon Vesey’s as the fundraiser.  This was done in recognition of the school board’s goal of moving away from food-based fundraisers (which will become an increasing focus by September of 2011).  Discussions also took place around the best way to support students with the fundraising monies raised so far this year.  The goal is to make a decision on this topic in the next School Council meeting.


The School Council decided upon the worthwhile goal of directing its Spring Fundraiser dollars towards the purchase of “crash mats” (padding) for around the stage in the gym. 


The next School Council meeting is Monday, April 18th.  Parents are always welcome to attend. 


School Council Fundraiser – $ Due April 6th


Do not forget that the School Council’s Fundraiser (Vesey’s Flowers and Bulbs) is currently underway!  All monies and forms should be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher by April 6th.


The goal of the Spring Fundraiser is to raise money to purchase padding to go around the stage in the gym.  The stage is currently un-padded.  Having padding around the stage will make for a safer environment in a place that is used on a daily basis (for gym classes, house leagues and various sport practices). 


The delivery date for the flowers and bulbs has not yet been determined.  However, parents will be informed via a letter home as to when the product will arrive at the school and will be distributed to parents.


March Character Ed Assembly – April 1st (Fairness)


Our Character Education Assembly for March (celebrating the Character Trait of Fairness) took place on Friday, April 1st.  As always, Mlle. Hainer and Mrs. Swartman did an outstanding job of organizing this month’s assembly!


Students who won an award for demonstrating an outstanding level of Fairness were: Anna- Bell Jones, Ethan Hammill, Harry Jackson, Noah Beattie, Eric Quast, Reece, Towle, Jessica Nelson, Kasey Towle, Jack Stirrett, Tyson Forgêt, Katie Taylor, Ethan Boucher, Brendan Richmond, Cody Stata, Graeme Lee, Jake Hodgson, Christian Reid and Kayla Beaudoin .




Principal’s Award Winners for the month of March were: Matthew DeBlock, Julia Freeburn and Gaelin Vigelius.  Each demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.  Congratulations to each of you!




Our next Character Education Assembly will be on Thursday, April 28th at 2:30 p.m.  Parents are always welcome to attend! 


Student Leadership News From Mlle. Hainer


One of our goals has always been to have a positive impact on our school community, along with encouraging everyone to show kindness.  We’ve done this in many ways this year, most recently working with our local church to collect milk bags to crochet blankets and send them over to Haiti.  We started out the school year helping locally.  This involved our food drive and our donations to the Humane Society and Sick Kids Hospital.  We are now trying to help out people globally.  Our initiatives to help both locally and globally prove that Dunsford is full of people who have outstanding citizenship!


Student Council has decided to take on a Clean Water Project, working with the Free the Children foundation (  Our goal is to bring clean water to three families in Haiti.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and less than 40% of Haitians have access to clean water.  For every $100 our school raises, we can bring clean water to a Haitian family.  Our school goal of $300.00 will bring clean water to three Haitian families.  In order to reach our goal, we will be having Change for Haiti jars in each classroom.  Students can bring in any dollar amount and place it in their classroom change jar.  Also, we will be selling Smencils (Smelly Pencils) which seem to be very popular with students.  The Smencils are selling for $1.50 each and will be available later next week (by the way, the Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper and biodegradable plastic – nifty and practical, right?!). 


As always, we thank each and every one of you as you continue to support our efforts.  We are so proud and thankful to be a part of the Dunsford community!


Mlle. Hainer


Earth Week – April 18th to 22nd


One of the reasons why our Character trait for the month of April is Citizenship is because Earth Week takes place during this month.  We always try to be helpful to our environment here at the school (you will most likely run into Kyle Thurston and Jeff Benoit emptying and cleaning many teachers’ recycling bins – thank you, boys!), but we are all going to try extra hard starting now.  April 18th to 22nd is Earth Week and students will be encouraged to have “Lightless Lunches” and “Litterless Lunches.”  Finally, on Thursday, April 21st, students will be going outside to clean up our school and our community for Earth day.


Mlle. Hainer


Character Education in Action – Michael Brooks


Congratulations to Michael Brooks, a Grade 6 student, for demonstrating outstanding character.  For the past year, Michael has been growing his hair with the goal of having it cut and donating it to the Cancer Society.  Michael’s hair had finally grown long enough by March!  Thank you for being an example to others, Michael! 


Battle of the Books – Junior and Intermediate Teams


Congratulations to both our Junior and Intermediate Battle of the Books teams.  The Junior team competed on Tuesday, March 29th and the Intermediate team competed on Wednesday, March 30th.

For the past 4 months, these teams (and other teams at the school) have been reading and competing against one another to determine the top team for each division. 


The Junior level had 4 successful teams come out  this year.  School level battles were held before March Break, with Team Victory winning the school level battles.  The Area battles were held on March 29th at Dr. George Hall and Team Victory showed great sportsmanship and knowledge of the 10 books that were read over 3 months.  Using a buzzer system and identifying a book title with only quotes for a hint, the team was able to get several points for our school and they all enjoyed the day battling over books! 




The top Junior team at Dunsford was Team Victory which consisted of Kurtis Chaston, Sally Falzon, Carissa Moore and Jessica Ludgate.


The top Intermediate team at Dunsford was The Moshi Monster Team which consisted of Jenna DeMaeyer, Jessica Nelson, Kristen Holmes, and Kristen Cooper. 


They Moshi Monsters were “perfect in every way” as they represented Dunsford at Battle of the Books.  It was Jenna’s first time at BOB and her enthusiasm pushed the team to gain a number of points.  Kristen Holmes and Jessica Nelson knew all the quotes, but the Langton team was fast to the buzzer and our quiet, but knowing, Kristen Cooper added points when needed.  I am proud of them all and hope they take their love of reading and competition into the High School level –  because they would all be great at it!  Dunsford students: look forward to the upcoming reviews from the Moshi Monsters on the Battle Books – to see what you would like to read. 


Both teams went onto the Lindsay area competition at Dr. George Hall and did a wonderful job against some stiff competition.  While neither of our teams went on, both coaches felt that their teams had worked extremely hard and done their best.  On behalf of the school, I would like to thank you for your efforts!


Thank you to Mrs. Swartman for coaching the Junior team and Mrs. Shannon for coaching the Intermediate team.  The Battle of the Books is a long season and requires tremendous commitment!


Grade 7 & 8 Trip


On Friday, February 25th, Mr. Avery’s Grade 7 class and Mr. Prins’ Grade 8 class went to Ken Reid Conservation Area in Lindsay for an exciting educational excursion. The “Out To Learn” program through Kinark and Fleming College provided them with guided programs that allowed students the opportunity to go snowshoeing (including some orienteering, compass and navigation skills), Wilderness Survival Skills (including learning alternative means of starting a fire when you don’t have matches or a lighter with you), as well as a Wild in Winter program while playing some engaging and fun predator versus prey games.  It ended up being a great day and the students had many memorable experiences.


Visitors to the School


A reminder to parents/guardians and others visiting the school that we require all visitors to sign in at the office.  We discourage visitors from going to classrooms unless absolutely necessary (e.g., picking your son/daughter up early for an appointment).  This is for safety purposes – as the fewer non-staff members walking around the school the better.  It is usually easier for the office to call a student down to the office where the parent/guardian can pick them up.


If it is absolutely necessary for a parent/guardian to visit a classroom, you will also need to obtain a “Visitor’s Badge” from the office secretary.  Individuals without Visitor’s Badges will be immediately redirected to the   office.


Parking Lot During Bus Unloading and Loading Times


Beginning on Monday, April 4th, the parking lot will be closed during bus loading and unloading times.  These times will be 8:40 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. (or after the busses have left).  At these times pylons will be placed across the parking lot entry points.


This is a safety issue, as there have been a number of cases where cars have been entering/exiting the parking lot during bus times.  The reality is that students sometimes do go into the parking lot (e.g., chasing after a dropped ball) and we wish to minimize the possibility of any of our students being hurt.


Parents/guardians wishing to pick their children up/drop them off during the times noted above should park their vehicles on the road parallel to the school (Dunsford Road).  I recognize that this is a bit of an inconvenience; however, I am sure you also understand the desire for safety behind this decision.


Hep B and HPV shots May 13th at 9 a.m.


Grade 7 students will be receiving their Hepatitis B shots and Grade 8 girls will be receiving their HPV shots on May 13th at 9:00 a.m..  These will be taking place in the Activity Room.


Spring Photos and Grade 8 Grad Photos


Spring Photos will be taking place on April 6th and 7th.  Photos for the entire school (JK through to Grade 7) will be taking place on the 6th.  Photos for students absent on the previous day and for the remaining JK/SK class will take place on the 7th. 


Grade 8 Grad photos will take place on Thursday, April 7th at 9:00 a.m..


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack

Forms for milk and hot lunches will go home on April 21 for May and due back April 27th.  The choice for pizza is ham, pineapple and cheese or cheese and pineapple.



Speeches – Thursday, March 10th


Dunsford District ES certainly saw numerous excellent speeches on Thursday, March 10th.  Each class sent 2-3 students to the Activity Room (for Primary classes) or the Gym (for Junior and Intermediate classes).  These students represented the best from each classroom.  They definitely did not disappoint.  Speeches covered a wide range of topics from the very serious (the Holocaust) to the comical (duct tape), but regardless of the topic they kept the audience’s attention.  It is no easy task to stand in front of more than 100 peers and quite often parents and grandparents.  Congratulations go to all of our speech participants!  The speech judges all agreed that choosing the top presenters was not easy.  Thank you to Mrs. Judy Saunders (our school’s trustee) who sat in on and judged the Junior/Intermediate speeches.   


Primary Gym level speech presenters were: Jamie-Lynn Abbott, Anastazia Abdul-Khalek, Bailey Samis, Grace Thurston, Julian Snarr, Samuel Connors, Jason Benoit, Taylor Richmond, Madisyn Johnston, Emma Tenk, Kayla Beaudoin and Jessica Perrin.


The top 3 Primary speeches (in particular order) were by: Jamie-Lynn Abbott, Kayla Beaudoin and Grace Thurston.


Junior/Intermediate level speech presenters were: Magnolia Golzlin, Andrew Middleton, Cole Snarr, Jordyn Wokral, April Powell, Kurtis Chaston, Megan Smith, Hannah Tatchell, Brianna Billings, Jenna DeMaeyer, Elyse Mann, Cole Willis, Julia Freeburn, Kyle Thurston, Livia Karklins.


The top 3 Junior speeches (in no particular order) were by: Julia Freeburn, Kyle Thurston and Kurtis Chaston.


The top 3 Intermediate speeches (in no particular order) were by: Sarah Freeburn, Jenna DeMaeyer and Elyse Mann.


Each of the top speech presenters went onto the Legion Level Speeches which took place at the Bobcaygeon Legion on Monday, March 21st. 


Special mention goes to Grace Thurston and Kyle Thurston who both placed 3rd in their respective age categories!  Excellent job, Grace and Kyle!  Staff members who were in attendance that night said that both put forth superb performances.


Last, but not least, thank you to Mrs. Loucks who organized the speech process from beginning to end.  This included sending out the necessary information, organizing the judges, arranging for the gym and the many other details that are essential to the smooth running of an event like this.  Thank you very much, Mrs. Loucks.


Unfortunately a picture of our Junior students competing at the Legion Level Speeches was unavailable for use.


Basketball Teams


The Zone basketball dates have been changed due to a conflict with other events taking place on the previous date.  The Junior and Intermediate Boys Zone tournaments will take place in the afternoon of Friday, April 8th (the Junior tournament being at DDES and the Intermediate Boys at Rolling Hills).  The Intermediate Girls tournament will take place on Wednesday, April 6th at Rolling Hills Public School.


The County basketball date (for any teams that advance) will be Thursday, April 14th. 


Baseball Gloves, Balls and Bats


A number of students have asked about the possibility of bringing their baseball gloves to school and throwing a baseball around.  At this point, the school has no problem with this.  Baseballs should be of the “soft ball” type and not hard balls (the smaller ones used in the major leagues).  Students are asked to use common sense when playing catch (e.g., not playing catch around other students – which would increase the chance of them being hit).  Bats should not be brought on the bus.


If there are no issues with playing catch, students will be able to play baseball at recess.  Again, a soft ball will have to be used and students will need to wear a helmet when batting or on the bases and a catcher’s mask if they are playing in the catcher position.  My experience has been that students involved in baseballs games are usually very well-behaved.  Should there be issues in baseball games individual students may be removed or the game could be cancelled.  



Information on the School Website

Do not forget that we are doing our best to keep the school website up to date with current information.  There are a number of important items that you can find out about on the school website, including: 


— The Newsletter

— Calendar

— Community News


Bus Cancellations


The information below refers to bus cancellations in the event of poor weather (e.g., heavy snow or icy conditions).  The school is normally open even  when buses are cancelled.  

Every attempt will be made to have the decision made by 6:15 a.m.

In the event of school bus service cancellation, the following notifications are sent out and parents can access any of these for the information:


BOB FM – 91.9 FM

CBC – 98.7 FM

Country 105 – 105.1 FM

EZ Rock – 105.9 FM

The Wolf – 101.5 FM


For TLDSB schools:


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