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Volume 6




February 1, 2011


Message from the Principal


The cold weather has finally arrived!  DDES has some sizeable snowbanks and enough snow for the students to play in, at last.  The cold weather also means that students are able to go to the local Dunsford skating rink (“the barn” as I now know that it is affectionately referred to as) and they very excited about doing so! 

Considering that January was the return from Christmas Holidays, it was actually a very busy month at Dunsford; however, February looks to be even busier.  As always, I encourage you to read the newsletter carefully to read about these events, celebrate the successes of our students and learn about upcoming activities!


Don’t forget that Report Cards go home on Friday, February 4th.  Monday, February 21st is Family Day (a provincial holiday) so there is no school on this day.  Our next Character Ed Assembly is planned for Friday, March 4th at 2:00 p.m..  As always, parents are welcome to attend. 


I would like to remind parents and students that we strongly discourage i-pods, mp3 players and other music/video devices from being brought to school.  There are a number of reasons for this, including these devices being broken or stolen and there is no real safe place for them to be stored at school (as our school does not have lockers).  I have seen a few more of these devices lately and wished to encourage students not to bring these to school.


The school also discourages cellphones being brought to school.  I completely understand the safety aspect of children having cellphones.  However, if it is not necessary for your child to have a cellphone please have them leave it at home.  There have been few cellphone issues this year and we are hoping to maintain this positive situation.  If your child is bringing a cellphone to school for safety reasons they will need to turn it off and place it in a location where they will not access it (normally a backpack).  


Lastly, we are looking for parent volunteers to help at the school’s Winter Carnival day on Friday, February 18th.  More information follows later in the newsletter; however, if you can volunteer please contact the office as soon as possible!

School Council News


The DDES School Council met on Monday, January 17th.  A number of topics came up for discussion.  The Council discussed possible options for an upcoming Spring Fundraiser.  The decision was made to choose a fundraiser that met the nutritional guidelines for the school board and the province and to also establish the purpose for the fundraiser (so that parents have a clear sense of what the fundraising monies are being used for at the school).  As well, the School Council’s budget for the remainder of the year was discussed – which included talk about where to spend the Council’s money.  Final decisions on spending have not yet been made; however, the intent is that these decisions will be made in the March meeting.  Mr. Parish did present to the Council the school board’s nutritional guidelines and how DDES is working towards meeting these guidelines.


The next School Council meeting is Monday, March 7th.  Parents are always welcome to attend. 


Staffing Changes


On behalf of DDES, I would like to welcome back Mrs. Thomas to being the homeroom teacher for the Grade 4 class.  Mrs. Thomas taught the class for most of September (but we had lost Mrs. Thomas when changing occurred).


As well, we are losing Mrs. Byrne, an EA who has worked in Mrs. Wilson’s Grade 1/2 class since the beginning of the school year.  She has accepted a position at King Albert and will be beginning there on February 3rd.  I would like to thank Mrs. Byrne for all of her hard work and effort since the beginning of the year. 





Januray Character Ed Assembly – Trustworthiness – Friday, January 28th 



Character Education Winners for January: (front row – left to right): Lily Sharpe, Owen Aiabens, Macyn Wokral, Nathan Kelly-Koebel, Alycia Fletcher, Elysha Sharpe, Jeanne Truax and Taylor Moran (back row – left to right): Anthony Bischoff, Livia Karklins, Parker Haney, Kaylin Brooks, Rylea Wilkens, Matt Junkin and Jessica Nelson (and Mrs. Byrnes) Absent-Kyle Thurston



Congratulations to all of the Character Education winners above!  You have all demonstrated the outstanding character trait of Trustworthiness in January!  In doing so, you have made DDES an ever better place to be.


Principal’s Award Winners for January: Lexie Lavoie (Junior Winner), Jamie-Lynn Abbott (Primary Winner) and Jordyn Hay (Intermediate Winner)




Congratulations also go out to the 3 students above.  Each demonstrated superb academic achievement during January and made their teachers (and me) very proud!


Our next Character Education Assembly will be on Friday, March 4th at 2:00 p.m..  Parents are always welcome to attend! 


Thank you to Mrs. Swartman and Mlle. Hainer for organizing the Character Education Assembly.  Thank you also to Kristen Holmes and Daniel Woodhead for being the “masters of ceremony” for the Assembly.







Volleyball – Senior Boys Team


Congratulations to our Senior Boys Volleyball Team who went to Rolling Hills to compete in the Zone Tournament.  The Senior Boys ended up in a 3-way tie for first place with Rolling Hills and Scott Young.  The DDES Stingers defeated Scott Young, but lost to Rolling Hills.  Unfortunately, “points for” was used as the tie breaker and, based on this, Dunsford came out on the “losing end” and did not proceed to the County Tournament.


Mr. Prins would like to thank the Senior Boys for their effort throughout the season.  Although they did not go on to County this year, they did work and practise extremely hard!


This year’s Senior Boys Volleyball Team (front row – left to right): Curtis Potter, Cole Willis and Matt Junkin; (back row – left to right): Mark Shaw, Dylin Vaughan, Brett Pasquino and Tyler Junkin

Missing From Photo: Daniel Hughes

Coach: Mr. Prins



Volleyball – Junior Team


The Junior Volleyball team wrapped up a highly successful season on Thursday, January 27th at the County Tournament held at Ridgewood PS.  The DDES finished first in the Zone Tournament (held at DDES on Thursday, January 20th).  At the County Tournament, the Juniors won 2 games against Langton and Fenelon Township and lost 2 close games to Alexandra and Mariposa.


Mrs. McFarland and Ms. Anderson both commented on the phenomenal team spirit shown by the Juniors!  All of the players cheered on one another and worked together as a team.  Of course, bringing the “school’s” mascots (BJ Bee and Bee Diddy) did not hurt either!  Both coaches are already looking forward to next season.


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack

Forms for milk and hot lunches will go home on February 22nd for March and due back February 25.  The choice for pizza is ham and cheese or cheese and pineapple.






This year’s Junior Volleyball Team consisted of: Braeley Fitzpatrick, Tyson Jeffrey, Jake Tatchell, Katie Taylor, Livia Karklins, Samantha Hutchinson, Anthony Bischoff, Mackenzie Green, Andrew Middleton, Harley Jeffrey, Dylan Bischoff, Julia Freeburn and Ryan Dobbs.


Volleyball – Senior Girls Team (4th Place in the County!)


This year’s County Tournament represented a very satisfying end to the season!  The team finished first at the Zone Tournament on January 20th.  At the County Tournament the Senior Girls team finished in 4th place (very impressive!).  The DDES team defeated Archie Stouffer in the first round (and lost a close game to Central Senior), but won against Fenelon Falls to secure a spot in the semi-finals.  The DDES girls met Lady Mackenzie in the semi-finals.  Although showing great determination and perseverance, the DDES team did lose the game.


Mrs. Loucks definitely wants the Senior Girls to hold their heads high after such a great season!  She also thanks the team for their hard work and effort throughout the year.


This Year’s Senior Girls Volleyball Team (front row – left to right): Emily Bolender, Jenna DeMaeyer; (back row – left to right): Dawson Coe, Jessica Nelson, Alyssa Harrington, Jordyn Hay, Laura Mitchell, Sarah Freeburn and Hailey Bennett

Missing From Photo: Hannah Tatchell

Coach: Mrs. Loucks






Thank you to the coaches (Ms. Anderson, Mrs. McFarland, Mr. Prins and Mrs. Loucks).  Two months of practices represented a great deal of effort.  Your efforts are definitely appreciated.   


Pizza Hot Lunch


As you probably know by now, there has been a change to the Pizza Hot Lunch which takes place every Wednesday at DDES.  The school board’s nutritional guidelines require that the foods being served at the school meet certain requirements.  For pizza, this means having a whole wheat crust and two vegetables/fruits as toppings.  Tomato sauce is considered 1 vegetable; however, the school still needed to include 1 more vegetable/fruit.  The decision was made to use pineapple as the second topping.  Many students do eat pineapple on their pizza and I felt that those students that did not like pineapple could pick it off (not that I am encouraging that!). 


While I know the decision is not perfect (not everyone likes pineapple), I do feel it important to work towards meeting the school board’s nutritional guidelines.  


DDES Winter Carnival – Friday, February 18th


Keep hoping for cold weather and lots of snow!  The date for DDES’ Winter Carnival has been set!  It is to take place on Friday, February 18th.  Although the Winter Carnival is new to me (this being my first year at DDES), I understand that the day is one of the highlights of the year for our students!  Students will be involved in activities throughout the day (rotating through a variety of stations).


Our Grade 7 & 8 students will again take on a leadership role in leading younger students through these stations.  Some of the likely stations for this year’s Winter Carnival will include: tobaggoning, broom ball, tug of war, obstacle courses and snow soccer.


Please make sure that your child(ren) dress warmly on this day, as they will be outside for the majority of the day.  If your child(ren) have extra snowpants and gloves, you may want to send them on this day as everyone’s clothes are likely to get a little wet, soggy and cold during the day!


We do require a number of parent volunteers to help out with at DDES’s Winter Carnival supervising events.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mr. Parish, Mrs. Power or Mrs. Hatfield in the office.   


Speeches – Thursday, March 10th


The ever popular speeches are again taking place this year!  Students from Grades 1 to 8 will be researching, writing, rehearsing and presenting speeches during the month of February.  You can help your daughter or son by helping them locate information about his/her topic, helping them write his/her speech and then helping them practise his/her speeches.


Classroom level speeches will take place prior to March 10th.  2 students will then be selected from each Junior and Intermediate class to present their speech in the gym.  This will take place on March 10th at about 11:40 a.m..  Parents are welcome to attend the gym level.  The top students from the gym level speeches (in each age category) will proceed onto the local Legion level speeches, which take place on Monday, March 21st.    


Mrs. Loucks has taken the large task of organizing speeches (getting the information to the Legion, organizing packages for teachers and students and establishing dates for speeches to take place).  Thank you, Mrs. Loucks. 


Information on the School Website


Do not forget that we are doing our best to keep the school website up to date with current information.  There are a number of important items that you can find out about on the school website, including: 


Ÿ The Newsletter

Ÿ Calendar

Ÿ Community News


Bus Cancellations


The information below refers to bus cancellations in the event of poor weather (e.g., heavy snow or icy conditions).  The school is normally open even  when buses are cancelled.  


Every attempt will be made to have the decision made by 6:15 a.m.


In the event of school bus service cancellation, the following notifications are sent out and parents can access any of these for the information:


BOB FM – 91.9 FM

CBC – 98.7 FM

Country 105 – 105.1 FM

EZ Rock – 105.9 FM

The Wolf – 101.5 FM


For TLDSB schools: