Participant will Learn:

First Aid ~ Taught by Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor


Simple techniques for First Aid


How to handle emergency situations and how/what to tell 911


How to check for safety and dangers at home and in my community


What to do if you choke and you are at home alone


Learn how to deal with choking and breathing emergencies(ABC’s)


Care for broken bones, burns, bleeding and poisons


How to care for allergic reactions and asthma


aying Home Alone ~


What should you do to stay busy and safe when you are at home alone


How to use your house key and entering your home


How to make a small snack that is safe for you to eat


Are you responsible enough to be at home on your own?


Home Alone Protocol and Safety Audit


Emergency Phone List ~when to call


What to do about phone calls and if someone comes to your door

Activities Include:


Develop a Home Fire Escape Plan


Water Safety Activity: At Home and in my community


Recipes for healthy, and safe snacks


Word finds, missing word puzzles, & word match activities


Instruction with a mannequin, epi-pen & inhaler trainer

Upcoming Courses:

Saturday, November 5


th, 2011 ~ 8:30-12:30pm or 1:00-5:00pm

Please note that you only need

to choose one time frame per

date. Also, please send your

child with 2 nut free snacks

and a water bottle/drinks. You

may pay in cash at the time of

the course.

To register call Dana at: (705) 739-8174 or register on the website: or by e-mail at:

Office Hours: Monday, Thursday & Friday – 9:30-3:00pm