The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program offers a world-class, well-rounded education for motivated students. Students who are looking for a challenge in high school and an advantage at university may wish to attend.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I E Weldon, Room 142 (across from the library)

First seating:  4:15 pm


Second seating: 5:30 pm


Quotes from Weldon IB Grads now at university:

Jessica, Laurentian U., Psychology

· Knowing how to take the notes and how to read that level of material critically is really helpful. That’s something you don’t learn in other classes.

Jackie, U. of Guelph, Sciences; U. of Toronto, Dentistry
· Even though I was a first year science student, I helped third year history students who were doing “purpose, origin, limitation value” for the first time – we started that in grade 11.

Megan, U. of Ottawa, Criminology
· IB made my transition from high school to university very easy. My experience in IB helped me to become very organized and to know how to manage my time effectively.
· The other obvious benefit of doing IB would be the transfer credits.  I will be done university in 3½ years!

Jamie, U. of Western Ontario, Math

 · I only got a “4” in IB Math but at university that has translated to 90% in Calculus (class avg. 65%), 90% in Stats (class avg. 75%) and 85% in Linear Algebra (class avg. 65%)… Everything that we learned for Probability and Statistics units in IB Math is more than we need to know for the whole course in university… and we learned it in a month with IB!


Keith, U. of Ottawa, Bio-Med

· In Bio-Med, the workload is great, and IB sure helped prepare me for the increased workload.   In my program, I estimate that 25 students either quit or switched programs in first year, but all the IB students I know are all still here!

Aidan, U. of Waterloo, School of Architecture

· IB provides a great opportunity to create, explore, and discover how to accomplish your goals.