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Volume 10




June 1, 2011


Message from the Principal



April showers seemed to have turned into May showers this year!  The weather predictions were for a hot and dry summer, but it does not seem to arrived yet.  There is an awful lot of water on the field and the grass is growing rather thick it seems.  Of course, as a good Canadian, I will be complaining in June when the 32°C weather arrives. 


With so many things going on in May, it seemed like the month had only begun and it had ended!  Students and staff were engaged in a number and wide range of events – which provided something for just about everyone!  As always, read on to learn more about the activities taking place at DDES this past month.  Some of these activities included the County Skipping Competition, the Dunsford Track and Field Day(s), County Track and Field, a Movie Night, a Girls Sleepover Night, Dunsford’s Got Talent auditions and Jump Rope for Heart.  


June sees many important upcoming events – so please read this newsletter through very carefully!  Some of these events include: EQAO in the first 2 weeks of June, a PA Day on June 13th, many class trips, a Sports Assembly on June 28th, Report Cards going home on June 29th, Grade 8 Graduation on June 29th and the last day of school on June 30th.  As incredible as it seems, there is only 1 month of school left and this month will pass by very quickly.    


Parent Council


The Parent Council met on May 16th.  Final information and details on the mats for the stage in the gym were decided.  As well, the Parent Council decided to use the remainder of its fundraising dollars to purchase 4 mini-laptops for student use.  The decision to do so was based on staff requests (the mini-laptops are in high demand and are in constant student use) and positive impact technology has on student achievement.  Staff are very appreciative of this technology boost to the school!


Staffing News


A number of staffing changes will be taking place at Dunsford in 2011-2012.  Ms. Barnes will be taking a leave during 2011-2012 and Mrs. Thomas, it seems at this point, will unfortunately not be returning next year, either.


Mrs. Lang will be returning to Dunsford (after her maternity leave).  Dunsford will also be welcoming 2 new staff members next year.  Ms. Wotten will be joining the primary division and Mrs. McReelis will be joining the junior division.  I have worked with both teachers previously and feel confident that each bring their own set of talents and abilities and that both will be a positive addition to the school.


EQAO Dates – May 31st to June 10th


This year’s EQAO dates for Grades 3 and 6 students have been set.  EQAO must be administered (by provincial requirement) between Tuesday, May 31st and Friday, June 10th.  There are 4 parts to the Language assessment.  1 part will be completed on each day on May 31st, June 1st, June 2nd and June 3rd.  There are 2 parts to the Math assessment.  1 part will be completed on each day on Tuesday, June 7th and Wednesday, June 8th.  June 6th, 9th and 10th will be kept as “make-up” and “catch-up” days.  The assessments will be written in the First Block of the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:48 a.m.. 

Grade 3 and 6 parents, please avoid scheduling any appointments which may require your child to be out of school on EQAO dates (particularly during the morning).  Your support and understanding is appreciated.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the school.


For all other parents, it would also be appreciated if you could minimize dropping off or picking up students between May 31st and June 10th on EQAO writing days.  While our students are well prepared, it is always beneficial to minimize any possible disruptions. 


Character Ed Assembly – May 27th – Perservance:


This month’s Character Trait was Perseverance and many Dunsford students shone through with this character trait.  The following students showed an exceptional amount of perseverance and received Character Education Certificates for their efforts:  Jaxon Jeffrey, Jackson Allen, Mackenzie Barker, Emily Taylor, Cameron Dudman, Daniel Horslen, Katleyn Harris, Marissa Huntley, Danielle Boileau, Logan Brittain, Taylor Allen, Anna-Belle Jones, Kallum Fitzpatrick, Hayley Vigelius, Andrew Middleton, Cody Nelson, Noah Midgley and Andrew Ham.




Principal’s Awards went to Anna-Belle Jones, Jessica Nelson and  Peyton Fanning.  These students demonstrated excellent academic achievement throughout the month of May.  Congratulations to these 3 winners!



Thank you to the Student Leadership Team who created an excellent presentation.  Hard work and practise led to a superb performance.  The team certainly showed perseverance!  Special note goes to Alyssa Harrington and Sarah Freeburn who showed real talent in mc’ing the assembly and Jenna DeMaeyer whose portrayal of me (Mr. Parish) seemed awfully accurate…


Thanks also to Mlle. Hainer and Mrs. Swartman who planned the Assembly and oversaw its smooth operation.


Skipping Team


On Thursday, May 5th, 2011 the Dunsford skipping team travelled to LCVI where they demonstrated great Dunsford character and skipped their feet off!  Overall Dunsford put forth a great effort.  Many of our students came home with ribbons, too many to list them all!  Special mention goes out to students who placed 1st to 3rd in their events at the competition.  Taylor Richmond and Ruth Kelly-Koebel placed 2nd, and Raelynn Dobbs and Stephanie Reynolds placed 3rd with their freestyle routines.  Our intermediate double-dutch team consisting of Jenna DeMeyer, Hannah Tatchell and Alyssa Harrington placed 1st.  Julia Freeburn placed 3rd in the primary double under event.  Mrs. Forgêt and Mrs. McFarland could not be more proud of the focus, effort and behaviour of our students at the competition and throughout the season.  We are so sad it is over and we can’t wait for next year! 





 Thank you to Mrs. Forgêt, and Mrs. McFarland for coaching this year’s skipping team.  It was definitely a success and the many hours of practise paid off.  You and the team made us proud!    


Eco-Earth Summit


On May 5th, Elyse Mann, Kristen Holmes, Harry Jackson, Megan Smith and Brianna Billings had a chance to participate in an Eco Summit at Bark Lake Leadership Centre.  At the Eco Summit we learned all about the environment and how to take care of it. Some activities we got to take part in were Geo-Caching, Vermi Composting (composting with worms), a wetland presentation, a Friends of the Osprey presentation, making a water filtration system, and a nature walk.


Not only did we get to take part in these amazing activities, we got to see some of nature’s most prized possessions: wild animals.  The Muskoka Wildlife Center was nice enough to bring some of their favourite inhabitants for us to see.  We were fortunate enough to meet a skunk, an owl, a porcupine, a lynx, and one of Ontario’s most endangered snakes.  We all had an amazing time and would like to thank Miss Hainer for allowing us to experience this wonderful opportunity.


~Kristen Holmes & Elyse Mann


Welcome to Kindergarten


On Thursday May 5th, 25 new JK  students were welcomed to Dunsford during an evening program.  The eager JK’s participated in a number of learning activities with their parents.  During the hour long program, the children listened to stories, worked with playdough and scissors and matched magnetic alphabet letters on letter trays.  Ms. Barnes, Mr. Parish and Mrs. Hogan, from the Early Years Centre, ran the activities for the children and their parents.  Miss Yarnell, a student teacher and Stephanie Stickland, a grade 8 student at D.D.E.S., provided their support during the evening by taking photographs and setting up displays.  At the end of the evening, the participants viewed pictures of Dunsford kindergarten students in action.  Before going home, the new students received a bag of learning materials to help them get ready for kindergarten.  The bags included books, magnetic letters, a letter tray, playdough, scissors, crayons and pencils.  During the evening, parents were given tips to help prepare their child for school through learning activities at home.  The materials in the bag were provided to help all parents have the materials that they need at home.  Some of the young students thought that they would be able to come back to school and start the next day.  See you in September, JK’s.


 ~Ms. Barnes


Mr. Prins Impact Award


On May 11th, Mr. Prins was recognized by the TLDSB for his tremendous Co-Curricular Impact on students over the course of his career (he has been at Dunsford since 1988!).  Among other things, this award is in recognition of his efforts in promoting sports (both intramural and extracurricular) and for raising money for cancer research through Dunsford’s Terry Fox Run.   Great job, Mr. Prins! 


Students Visit I.E. Weldon for Craig Kielburger Presentation


On Thursday, May 19th, the students on student council, along with a few Grade 6 students, were invited to attend a speaking presentation at I.E. Weldon.  The guest speaker was Craig Kielburger, a youth activist, who runs an organization called Free the Children.  He started this organization when he was only 12 years-old!  Craig also co-founded Me to We and is the driving force behind We Day.  When Craig was 12 and saw the headline “Battling Child Labour, Boy 12, Murdered.”  It really inspired Craig to help kids like the boy who was murdered; kids who were being forced to work instead of going to school and to not have a choice.


During the presentation, Craig talked about his organization and how they help children.  We think this presentation affected everyone that went to witness him speak and it even inspired us to make a difference to help the children around the world that need our help.  If there were more Craig Kielburgers out there, the world would be a better place to live.  This reminds us of a famous quote by Maya Angelou.  She says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Craig Kielburger inspired us to do just that.


~ Andrew Middleton, Brianna Billings and Jake Tatchell


Dunsford Track and Field


Dunsford’s Track and Field day took place on Friday, May 20th and Tuesday, May 24th.  Students from Grade 4 to Grade 8 participated in all of the events.  It was highly successful and most of our students tried their best!

As well, huge congratulations go to the Dunsford Track and Field Team for their success and sportsmanship during the track and field championship at Central Senior and LCVI.  More than 30 Stingers travelled to the track meet on Thursday, May 26th.  Despite the wet weather, the Stingers made us proud!  Special congratulations go to Laura Ham for capturing the silver in the girls shot put and Jennie-Mae Jones for capturing bronze in girls shot put.  Emily Bolendar and Sarah Freeburn both finished in the top 5 of their events, as well. The intermediate girls, senior girls and senior boys all set personal best times. 


Mr. Thompson and Mr. Prins would like to thank everyone who participated this year.  On behalf of the school, I would like to thank both of the above coaches for their efforts in coaching this year’s team.  Many smiles came off the bus of students returning to Dunsford after the event.




Jump Rope for Heart


Dunsford’s Jump Rope for Heart event on Friday, May 27th, 2011 was another fundraising success!  Our students participated in this fun skipping event in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  During the last block of the day, students were physically active by taking part in a number of skipping stations such as Double Dutch, the Chicken Chase, Skipping Relays and Skipping Tricks.  Students were on the move for 100 minutes!


Please remember that all Jump Rope for Heart pledge forms need to be returned to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.  All of the money raised will be collected by the Heart and Stroke Foundation on Friday, June 3rd.  Every fundraising dollar counts! 


A huge thank you goes to Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Forget who organized Jump Rope for Heart this year!  From the start (organizing the event) to the finish (running and participating in the event), both were instrumental in making it happen!  A further thank you goes to both of them for bravely wearing their red “Heart Hero” capes throughout the month of May to encourage students to fundraise.  Mrs. Forget wore hers as a cape each day, while Mrs. McFarland became very creative, wearing hers as a bandana, a scarf, a leg warmer and a tail among other fashion statements.  Thank you also to Ms. Anderson who stayed after school on Friday, May 27th to help Mrs. McFarland count the fundraising monies.


Years of Service


Dunsford’s School Trustee Mrs. Judy Saunders presented 5 Dunsford Staff members with their 5 Years of service to the TLDSB pins on Friday, May 27th.  Pictured below are Mrs. Saunders, Mr. Avery, Mrs. Bent, Mrs. McFarland and Ms. Penny Power-Ward.  Absent from the photo is Mr. Thompson who also received his 5 Year pin.



3 Dunsford staff members received their 10 Years of service to the TLDSB pins on Friday, as well.  Pictured below are Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Forget and Mrs. Swartman.  Mrs. Newman also received her 10 Years of service pin, but unfortunately could not attend Friday’s assembly.



Thanks to all staff members for their dedication to the TLDSB.


Movie Night Announcement


Thursday, May 19th was Movie Night at DDES!  Students and families gathered in the Dunsford gym to watch the much anticipated film, “Tangled.”  This fabulous night was equipped with popcorn, chips, and drinks.  Special thanks to Ms. Barnes for replenishing our popcorn and Mr. Prins for opening the Tuck Shop when our supplies ran low!  Baskets and prizes were also raffled off, generously donated by a number of local businesses and individuals throughout our community.  The proceeds went towards helping to pay for the end of the year Grade 7 and Grade 8 trips to Camp Arowhon and Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls respectively.  The night was a big success and we exceeded our expectations in the amount of money raised.  All the students had a blast and we even saw some of the parents and teachers trying to hide back giggles, but they failed to do so.  


A huge thank you to Mr. Avery for all his hard work to make this night a huge success!  Thank you also to Mrs. Loucks, Mr. and Mrs. Prins, Mrs. Barnes, and Mlle. Hainer for donating your time and expertise to make this night sensational!  Another thank you goes out to all of the people who donated baskets and Blue Jay Tickets.  They were a huge hit!  And, last but not least, a thank you goes out to Kristen Holmes, Alyssa Harrington, Cole Willis, Jenna DeMaeyer, Daniel Woodhead, Stephanie Stickland, Madyson Jonhston and Harry Jackson for helping out all night selling popcorn, raffle tickets and drinks!



Baby Pictures – Grade 8 Grads


A reminder to all Grade 8 students to bring in their best baby picture and give it to Mlle. Hainer.  The baby photos will be posted at grad and you will be able to guess who belongs to each photo.  We cannot wait to see everyone’s photos!


Kristen Holmes & Elyse Mann





Dunsford’s Got Talent  – June 17th


That’s right folks!  Dunsford’s second annual talent show is coming up quickly.  Your amazing and, of course good looking student council, has finally finished all the incredible auditions.  Many students showed us their outstanding talents and the posting of the final cuts will be placed outside Mlle. Hainer’s room on Monday, May 30th.  We are looking forward to the final production on June 17th!  We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces in the audience!


The AMAZING Kristen Holmes & Elyse Mann


Visitors to the School

A reminder to parents/guardians and others visiting the school that we require all visitors to sign in at the office.  We discourage visitors from going to classrooms unless absolutely necessary (e.g., picking your son/daughter up early for an appointment).  This is for safety purposes – as the fewer non-staff members walking around the school the better.  It is usually easier for the office to call a student down to the office where the parent/guardian can pick them up.


If it is absolutely necessary for a parent/guardian to visit a classroom, you will need to obtain a “Visitor’s Badge” from the office secretary.  Individuals without Visitor’s Badges will be immediately redirected to the   office.


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack


The choice for pizza is ham, pineapple and cheese or cheese and pineapple.

When sending back pizza orders could they please be put in an envelope or zip lock bag, as this makes it easier to track.  Thanks! we do not credit for missed pizza days but we do for milk.


Information on the School Website


Do not forget that we are doing our best to keep the school website up to date with current information.  There are a number of important items that you can find out about on the school website, including: 


— The Newsletter

— Calendar

— Community News


Camp Arowhon


The Grade 7 students are gearing up for their end of the year trip to Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park.  The students will be leaving on Monday, June 20th at 8:30 am and returning on Wednesday, June 22nd (probably around bus time at 3:30 p.m.).  They will be enjoying lots of fun activities over the course of the 3 days including: rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, archery, campfires and cook outs.  All students are reminded to get their final payments for the trip in to Mlle. Hainer or Mr. Avery as soon as possible.


Important Bussing Information


Please note the information below from the TLDSB transportation department regarding requests for a second bus stop or a second stop on the same bus route.  Should this apply to your child(ren), be sure to contact Ms. Power in the office to complete the correct paperwork. 


Parents requesting access to a second bus or a second stop on the same bus for their child(ren) for the purpose of custody or child care must make the request annually and the completed request form is to be sent to the Transportation Department for processing.   Child care and Custody request forms for the 2011-2012 school year should be received in Transportation by June 17, 2011 and this year will be processed to be effective for September 6, 2011.  As well, the Transportation Department requires immediate notification if the second bus or bus stop is no longer required.


Requests received after June 30, 2011 may not be processed for September  6 , 2011 and it will be necessary for parents to make alternate transportation arrangements until the request has been processed by Transportation staff.


As stated in Board Procedure BU-3026, 4.1.10, students must have a fixed, regular schedule in order to access a second bus for child care or custody. Transportation will not be assigned if the form does not indicate a fixed, regular schedule at the time the request is submitted. 


Report Cards – June 29th


Term 2 Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, June 29ththe day before school ends.  This will give parents the opportunity to sign and complete the “signature page” of the Report Card.  If at all possible please complete this page and have your daughter/son return it to you’re her/his teacher.


Canadian National Exhibition


You can find the latest information about our attractions and schedule at:

In the school’s office you can get free ground admission on any one day of the 2011 CNE (August 19 – Sept 5).


Youth Unlimited Summer Camps


are back. Camps will run alternating weeks between Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls 9am-Noon.  Bobcaygeon weeks will be July 4 (Sports Week), July 18 (Art Week), Aug 2 (Cooking Week), Aug 15 (Water Week). Fenelon Falls weeks will be July 11, July 25, and Aug 7. Registration will be Tues June 28th 7pm or Wed June 29th 3:30 pm and 7pm. Phone Melissa at 705-341-8445 or Martin at 705-341-8440 for more information.


Unlock the Summer Spaghetti Dinner


Unlock the Summer Spaghetti Dinner at Knox Presbyterian Church, Bobcaygeon on Friday, June 3rd from 5pm-8pm. Proceeds will go toward helping kids go to camp this summer. Adults $12, Children under 12 $7 (Under 5 free), Family $40.


Boys & Girls Club of Fenelon Falls

Summer Camps

Dates:  9 weeks from July 4 to September 2, 2011

Ages: 3.5-14yrs

Time:  Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Hours 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. if Using Shuttle Service)

Location:  107 Lindsay Street South, Lindsay, ON

Cost:  $21/day/Members  $25/Non-members (Discount available for families with 3 or more children)

Note:  Specialty Camps & camp trips have different registration fees – see camp brochure for more information!

Transportation:  Daily Shuttle Service available from Fenelon Falls to Lindsay for $5/day/child

Financial Assistance Available

For more information about our camps check out our website at or call (705) 324-4493


Contact:  Trevor Tompkins, (705) 324-4493 ext. 217 or


Dunsford Library     

June Events     


“Summer Fun”

Saturday, June 18 at 10 am


Dunsford Library Hours

Tuesdays                      2:30 – 7:30 pm

Wednesdays                 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Saturdays                    9:00 am – 1:00 pm

For information please call the Dunsford Library at 705 793-3037.

Search the Library Catalogue at




Congratulations to Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Parish!


Not only did I have the honour of presenting Mr. Prins with a Teaching Impact Award of Excellence during TLDSB’s Evening of Excellence on May 11th, but I also had the honour of witnessing Mr. Parish and Mrs. Wilson receive much-deserved awards. 


Both Mr. Parish and Mrs. Wilson were nominated for a Character Award.  These awards are given to teachers, administrators, EAs, and community members in our school board who show outstanding character.


Mr. Parish is very deserving of this award as he models exceptional character all the time.  He’s respectful to everyone in our community, incredibly responsible as he looks after our school and the teachers and students within it, compassionate, and he’s very driven as he sets goals for both teachers and students and helps us to achieve them.


Mrs. Wilson is also very deserving as she is incredibly compassionate, helpful, friendly, respectful, and she perseveres through new tasks and helps her students to do the same.  Congratulations Mr. Parish and Mrs. Wilson!


~ Mlle. Hainer


Volunteer Tea

When: Thursday, June 16th

Time: 2:00 – 3:15 pm

Where: Gym/Library

Please join us for the Volunteer tea.  Invitations will be sent home this week.  If we missed you, we apologize in advance.  Everyone is welcome!!!  Call Ms. Power if you can attend.