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Volume 3




November  1st, 2010


Message from the Principal


Although the leaves have turned to beautiful Fall colours, it is hard to believe that autumn has come when the weather is still wonderful outside!  I have an uneasy feeling that the first snowfall in November will be a rude awakening! 


 Dunsford DES had an incredibly busy month of October, with students involved in a wide variety of events.  More than 50 students participate in the Cross-Country Event held on Wednesday, October 6th.  Our soccer teams competed on Thursday, October 21st in the Zone Soccer Tournaments.  Two of our teams moved onto the County Soccer Tournaments!  The Terry Fox Challenge Assembly took place on the 15th, school photos on the 18th and 19th and Halloween classroom parties and the Intermediate Dance took place on the 29th.  Mr. Steve McCullough’s “One-Man Band” also performed at DDES on the 26th.  Student Council members were also involved in a trip to the Humane Society in order to get ideas for a charity fundraiser.  Please read on to find out about each of these activities in greater detail and to celebrate all of our students’ achievements. 


November will be just as busy!  Some of the events taking place this month include Progress Reports going home (Friday, November 12th), Parent and Teacher Meetings (more information to follow in a letter next week), and a Day of Kindness on Thursday, November 18th


As this will be the final newsletter before parents receive Progress Reports on November 12th, I encourage all parents and guardians to use the Progress Report as a means of information and communication with staff at Dunsford DES.  Maintaining an open line of communication between parents and staff is critical for the success of all students. 


School Council News


The School Council met on Monday, October 4th and elected its new executive for the 2010-2011 year.  The 2010-2011 Executive is:


Chair                            Sara Kelly

Vice-Chair                    Cherie Willis

Secretary                     Gail Brittain

Treasurer                     Stacey Jeffrey

Community Rep             Wendy Foote

Teacher Rep                 Kelly Swartman

CUPE Rep                     Debbie Ciesielski


A number of topics were discussed, including information about the new uniforms (supplier, colours, sizes, etc…).  The goal of the School Council was to provide a sufficient number of uniforms to outfit all of our  teams in the same uniform (often more than 60 students for Cross Country!). 


The final organization of the QSP fundraiser was established (along with the volunteers who would help count the money) and the prizes determined for top fundraisers. 


The School Council will also be asking local businesses to support the Christmas Hampers program. 


New Uniforms


The “stinger” is in!  Our new uniforms have arrived!  Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Jeffrey (from the Parent Council), 75 uniforms (in sizes that will fit primary students to our intermediate students) are now at the school.  Our students loved the uniforms (“sick,” I believe, was the phrase first used!).  The shirts are predominantly dark blue, with some red and a little bit of white.  The “Dunsford Stinger” is predominantly displayed on the front of the shirt.


The students had a great deal of pride wearing the new uniforms and it showed in the successful results from this year’s soccer teams.   


Newsletter on the School Website


Do not forget that the monthly school newsletter is unavailable on the school website at:


Type in the address above into your internet browser (e..g., Internet Explorer or Mozilla).  Click on “School News” and the current month’s newsletter will appear.  Previous months’ newsletters are at the bottom of the page.


Community News on the School Website


You can also access some of the Community News that is sent to the school, but that we are unable to send home in the newsletter or through paper copies.  For example, there is news about the local Health Unit and the Flu Shot and the Boys and Girls Club’s program.


It is well worth checking out periodically and very hard working secretary, Mrs. Power, will do her best to update frequently (but please understand that certain times of the year are very busy!).



QSP Magazine School Council Fundraiser


Thanks to everyone in the community for their support of the very successful magazine campaign. Our sales total this year is $ 10,354.18! WOW!!! WAY TO GO, DUNSFORD! You can continue to order on-line, all year round at , the school code number is 9910 and we will still receive credit for the sales. Top division Pizza Winners for top sales for: Intermediates: Mr. Avery’s class; Juniors: Mr. Thompson’s class and Primaries: Miss Graham’s Class.  These classes will be getting a pizza party on Nov. 5th at second nutrition break.  Congratulations to all these winners.


I would like to thank Mrs. Brittain, Mrs. Carnuck-Beaudoin and Mrs. Aiabens for volunteering their time to organize the QSP fundraiser and also count the money that came to the school.  It is a HUGE job, requiring many hours to complete.


I would also like to thank Mrs. Ciesielski, one of Dunsford’s educational assistants, for spearheading the QSP fundraising and also helping keep it organized at a school level.  




September Character Ed Assembly – Tuesday, October 12th


September’s Character Ed Assembly was held on Tuesday, October 12th.  We celebrated the achievements of numerous students at the assembly.  Character Ed Award winners were: Kailyn Brooks, Bailey Samis, Evan Sloan, Cole Snarr, Coral Dobson, Daniel Woodhead, Jenna DeMaeyer, Magnolia Golzlin, Austin Jeffrey, Abby Junkin, Cole Haynes, Hunter Maynard, Alexis Hutchinson, Tyler Junkin, Chad McDonald, Jessica Perrin, Reid Cooper, Sally Falzon and Tyson Jeffrey.




The Principal’s Award winners for academic achievement were: Leah Cooper (Primary), Brianna Billings (Junior) and Harry Jackson (Intermediate).


Congratulations to all of the award winners! 


October’s Character Ed assembly will be on November 5th at 10:00.  As always, parents/guardians are welcome to attend.


 Nut and Peanut Safe School


Dunsford DES endeavours to be a “Peanut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, etc…) to school.  Some students are highly allergic to these types of nuts.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy feel free to contact the office.


Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks and Volunteers at the School


Please be aware that the format for Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector checks have changed in the past few months.  It can take several weeks for these checks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  The form for the Vulnerable Sector search can be obtained from the school and requires the school to fill out certain sections before you take to the OPP.


Cross Country Team – October 6th


Dunsford’s Cross-Country team travelled to the Ken Reid Conservation area on Wednesday, October 6th to participate against other schools from Kawartha Lakes and the Haliburton area.  The team were great ambassadors for the school!  Many personal bests were achieved and a number of students did exceptionally well!  Thank you for your hard work and efforts!


Dunsford finished the day with our best results ever!  Top finishers include Ruth Kelly-Koebel 17th, Jackson Allen 5th, Magnolia Golzlin 25th, Jenna DeMaeyer 3rd and Tyler Junkin 15th. 



The following students were the top Dunsford students in their age division, Dylan Bischoff, Jessica Ludgate, and Jake Tatchell.  Special recognition goes to Abby Junkin and Austin Jeffrey both in Grade 1.  Excellent job, Dunsford!


The members of the cross-country team are:


Prmary Girls:

Ruth Kelly-Koebel, Taylor Richmond, Daniella McGugan, Gracie Thurston, Jessie Perrin, Leah Cooper, Abby Junkin, Renee Boucher and Kayla  Beaudoin.  


Junior Girls:

Kailyn Brooks, magnolia Golzlin, Julia Freeburn, Ashley Francis and Britney Dudman. 


Intermediate Girls:

Laura Ham,Sarah Freeburn, Jessica Ludgate and Jennifer Ludgate. 


Senior Girls:

Alyssa Harrington, Hammah Tatchell and Jenna DeMaeyer.


Primary Boys:

Jackson Allen, Chad McDonald, Brandon Bellefeuille, Bradley Bellefeuille, Torin Wokral, Kobi Golzlin, Matthew DeBlock, Jaxon Jeffrey and Austin Jeffrey. 


Junior Boys:

Dylan Bischoff, Dylan Barnett, Reid Cooper, Kyle Thurston and Kallun Fitzpatrick.  


Intermediate Boys:

Jake Tatchell, Harry Jackson, Tyson Jeffrey and Anthony Bischoff. 




Senior Boys:

Tony Francis, Matt Junkin, Tyler Junkin, Curtis Potter and Daniel Hughes.



Last, but not least, a huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Bent, Mlle. Hainer and Mrs. McFarland who spent many, many hours coaching the Cross Country Team.  Your efforts are very much appreciated!


Soccer Teams


Dunsford’s Junior and Intermediate Girls and Boys Soccer teams were busy practising throughout the months of September and October.


In the Zone Soccer Tournament, the Junior Boys went 2-1.  They placed 2nd in the “pool” and went onto the County Tournament.  They won their games against Scott Young and Jack Callaghan and narrowly lost to Rolling Hills by 1 goal.  Although the team played very well (with everyone contributing), special mention goes out to the goalies: Parker Haney and Emma Downer-Price (who did not let in a single goal during the tournament, even though debuting as a goalie!).


At the County Tournament, the Junior team overcame a 2-0 deficit in each of their first 2 games, but unfortunately ended up losing both of these games.  2 more close games were played and lost against Woodville and Alexandra – but it should be noted that Alexandra went on to win the County Championship.  Special mention goes to Livia Karklins who scored 2 goals and Chad MacDonald and Katie Taylor who each scored a goal.


The Intermediate Boys finished first in their division, going 2-0!  The Dunsford boys beat both Scott Young and Rolling Hills by showing great hustle and a desire to win!   Again, Dunsford won as a team, but special mention went out to Curtis Potter, Dylin Vaughan, Tony Francis and Cole Willis for their game play and effort.


At the County Tournament, the Intermediate Boys finished third!  This is the highest placing for our Intermediate Boys in many years!  They won their first 3 games and made it to the semi-finals, where they lost against a very strong team from Lady Mackenzie.  The game was tied until the last 6 minutes of the game when an unfortunate bounce led to a goal against Dunsford.  Dunsford ultimately lost 2-0, with a goal being scored as Dunsford’s players pinched up to try for the tying goal.


The Intermediate Girls unfortunately did not advance out of the Zone Tournament.  Although the team played extremely well, they lost their first two games in shoot-outs, even though the Dunsford girls dominated both games.  In spite of not advancing, the girls showed great sportsmanship and always had a positive attitude in practices.  Mrs. Swartman truly appreciated your efforts this year and, in her own words, “would coach you again in a heartbeat.”


Junior Mixed Team

Anthony Bischoff, Dylan Bischoff, Reid Cooper, Emma Downer-Price, Braeley Fitxpatrick, Julie Freeburn, Magnoila Golzlin-Mcgugan, Jacob Graham, Parker Haney, Harley Jeffrey, Tyson Jeffrey, Dylan Jones, Liva Karklins, Christian Keast, Brittany King, Jennifer Ludgate, Jessica Ludgate, Chad Mc Donald, Max Quast, Jake Tatchell and Katie Taylor.




Senior Boys Soccer Team

Adam Fischer, Tony Francis, Daniel Hughes, Lucas Irwin, Matthew Junkin, Tyler Junkin, Lucas Koutsokostas, Brett Pasquino, Curtis Potter,Matt Rothon, Addison Shankland, Dylin Vaughan, Cole Willis and Daniel Woodhead.




Senior Girls Soccer

Kristien Holmes, Emily Bolender, Jordyn Hay, Julie Hughes, Alyssa Harrington, Hannah Tatchell, Emma Cooper, Sarah Freeburn, Dawson Coe,  Lexie Brittain, Laura Ham and Caitlyn Graham.


An Intermediate Girls Team photo is unavailable this month (due to technological difficulties!), but will be provided in next month’s newsletter.


Terry Fox Run and the Terry Fox Challenge Assembly


Dunsford – you delivered!  The school’s goal was to raise $6000 this year.  On Friday, October 15th, Mrs. Loucks and Mr. Prins revealed that Dunsford had raised $6110.50 exceeding our goal by $110.50. 


As Mr. Prins would say: “Every cent counts!”  Dunsford students did an excellent job showing their character in meeting the school’s goal and contributing to a very worthy charity.


The ever popular Terry Fox Challenge Assembly took place on Friday, October 15th.  The top fundraiser was Laura Mitchell and she won the bicycle!  Our next top fundraisers were: Tony, Ken and Ashley Francis, Zander Thurston, Britney Dudman, Emily Bolendar, Emma Downer-Price, Taylor Allen, Dawson & Danielle Boileau, Kristen Holmes, Jackson Allen, PJ McAthur, Jake Tatchell, and Curtis Potter.


As always, staff and students were very “game” about completing challenges.  A number of staff took pies in the face – although I have to confess that the whipped cream tasted awfully good!  Mr. Avery, Mr. Thompson, Mlle. Hainer and Mr. Parish were just some of the staff members who enjoyed the whipped cream.  Mrs. Swartman and Mrs. McFarland took on the challenge of being taped to a basketball pole.  A number of students also took on the challenge of being pied.  Special mention has to go to Dawson Boileau and Cameron Dudman who offered to shave their heads if the school goal was raised!      


Mr. Steve McCullough’s “One-Man Band”


Dunsford was fortunate to have a local musician, Steve McCullough, present a musical act for one hour on Tuesday, October 26th.  Mr. McCullough brought in his own instruments, equipment and light show for the presentation.  Students were treated to a musical performance with music from the 1940’s to the 1980’s and, judging by the reaction, seemed to really enjoy it!  Students sang along and clapped as Mr. Cullough performed.  His goal was to provide students with a musical experience that they are not always able to hear and he certainly succeeded!


Christmas Hampers


It’s that time of year again!  We will be asking our school community to help us contribute to our local families with the support of a Christmas Hamper. 


We will start collecting for the Hampers in November.  The first day of collection will be on Monday, November 10th and we will complete collection on Friday, December 3rd.  The Hampers will be given to families the following week.  If you are in need of a Christmas Hamper please notify Mrs. Power or Mrs. McLean at the office by phone or in person (705-793-2088).  All family names are kept strictly confidential.


The excess food that comes into the school still stays in our community and is given to the church to be used in its food hampers.  Appropriate items include:  canned goods, pasta, oatmeal, cake and cookie mixes, peanut butter, spreads, rice, cereal and age appropriate gifts.   Thank you for supporting this cause and giving to our Christmas Hamper collection. 


Dunsford’s Christmas Shopping Spree


During the month of December, Dunsford’s leadership team will be hosting our first Christmas Shopping Spree.  Classes will be invited down to the gym to buy Christmas presents for whomever they choose (family, friends, teachers, etc…).  BUT, before the students can buy anything, we need the help of our community!


Alright, folks, we’re asking you to please clean out your basement, your attic, your garage, your cottage, and maybe even your car; basically, any area that has any unwanted items that are still in decent condition.  We’re talking candles, games, books, plates, figurines, toys, CDs, and whatever else you would like to donate to our school.


We will organize all of our donations in the gym and put prices on them.  Items will vary from $0.05 – $2.00.  All of our proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit organization, which will be decided upon in the near future.


You may start to bring your donations to the school as soon as possible.  Please leave them at the office.  As always, we truly appreciate your support!


~ Sarah Freeburn & Mlle. Hainer


Leadership Team visits local Animal Shelter


On Tuesday, October 27th, Mr. Thompson and Mlle. Hainer accompanied the student leadership team to the Humane Society in Lindsay after school. Students had the opportunity to take a tour of the facility, play with some of the animals, and ask questions to the shelter manager. The students asked about the current condition of the shelter, how monetary donations would be spent, and why the shelter needs our help.


The students were overwhelmed by the poor condition of the shelter and the lack of sufficient space for the animals. Their lunch room barely exists anymore as it has been bombarded with cages!


At this time, the leadership team is considering making this organization one that we raise money to help throughout the year.  There are many students and families within our school that care deeply for animals and we know that they desperately need our help.  We will be sure to keep you informed once the team makes a decision!


~ Mlle. Hainer & Mr. Thompson




Great Canadian Fire Drill (October 4th)


Dunsford DES participated in the Great Canadian Fire Drill on Monday, October 4th.  It was even more of a surprise to our students because it was originally scheduled for Thursday, October 7th!  During the week of the 4th to the 8th thousands of students across Canada practised fire drills at school.  Dunsford students did a great job in knowing the routines to be followed in the event of a fire drill.


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack

Forms for milk and hot lunches will go home on November 23 for December and due back on November  26th.  The choice for pizza is ham and cheese or just cheese.



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