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Volume 3



November 1, 2011


Message from the Principal

What an amazing month!  Dunsford has so much to celebrate from October and I hope that you take the time to read all about it in this month’s newsletter.


From the Terry Fox Challenge Assembly to sports teams to Halloween for Hunger – it is hard to believe that DDES could have packed in anything more this month.  Our students and school have much to be proud of in October. 


Major News and Pages


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2          School Webpage

2          Dental Screening

3          Parent Needs Assessment

3          QSP Fundraiser

4          Char Ed Assembly

4          PA Day Nov 25th

4          DDES Soccer Teams

6          Police Checks

6          Halloween For Hunger

7          Terry Fox Challenge Assembly

7          Staff-Student Game

6          EQAO Information


November has a number of important events taking place.  Perhaps the most important is the sending home of Progress Reports on Friday, November 18th.  Progress Reports are intended as a shorter summary of how a student is progressing towards the first report card, which are sent home in February.  Progress Reports provide a critical snapshot of how your child is doing and a starting point for conversations with your child’s teachers.  We believe at Dunsford that these conversations are crucial to understanding how your child is doing at school.  All parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher (what we traditionally call “Parent-Teacher Interviews”).  These interviews will be organized by homeroom teachers.  A letter with information regarding interviews will be sent home in November.  I would encourage all parents/guardians to physically meet with child’s teacher; however, if this is not possible a phone interview can be arranged.   


Dunsford DES will be marking Remembrance Day with an Assembly  on November 11th.  The Assembly will take place for JK to Grade 7 students following the first recess at about 11:45 a.m..  Grade 8 students will be travelling to the Bobcaygeon Cenotaph at this time.   


Please use the school website as your best information source as to what things are happening at DDES and when.  The DDES website is listed later in the newsletter.  The school calendar is updated regularly and will keep you in the “loop” as to school events.


Don’t forget that Friday, November 25th is a PA Day.  Students will have the day off (and enjoy a long-weekend); staff will be at the school engaged in professional learning throughout the day.


School Council News


The School Council met on Monday, October 24th.  During this meeting it was decided that Tamara Curnuck would take over the role of “Chair” and that Jackie Peel would take over the role of “Vice-Chair.”  Prior to this both had shared the role of “Co-Chair.”  The reorganization was done to make the executive more efficient.


During this meeting the School Council finalized its budget from 2010-2011 (ending up with a little more money than projected – which is always a good thing!).  The School Council voted to continue supporting the Home Reading Program (which has been quite successful in the past).  As noted in last month’s newsletter, the School Council has voted that the monies raised from the QSP fundraiser will go towards the purchase of either additional technology to benefit students (e.g., mini-laptops or SmartBoards) and/or the purchase of resources to engage students (e.g., reading materials or playground materials). 


The next meeting of the School Council is on Monday, December 5th.    


Information on the School Website


Do not forget that we are doing our best to keep the school website up to date with current information.  There are a number of important items that you can find out about on the school website, including: 


Ÿ The Newsletter

Ÿ Calendar

Ÿ Community News


Dental Screening – For JK to Grade 2 Students – November 15th and 16th


Dental screening assessments will be provided by the Health Unit for:


All students in Jk, Sk, grade 1, grade 2 and special education classes.

Students identified last year with urgent treatment needs.

Any other child at the request of the child or their parent.  (If you would like your child included please send a request letter to the school or contact the health unit).


Parents who do NOT wish their child to be screened are required to advise the school in writing!  Any child excluded from the screening program will not be eligible to use the CINOT Program.


The screening will be conducted by a Registered Dental Hygienist following strict, approved infection control standards.  This screening does not replace your child’s regular visit to the dentist.  The Health Unit wants to see all children, even if they visit their dentist regularly. You will be advised if any dental care is recommended.


The Dental Screening Program


Provides parents with advice on the dental needs of their children.

Provides access to financial assistance through the Children In Need of Treatment Program (CINOT).

Helps in planning and development of community dental programs.


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the Health Unit Oral Health Department.

Northumberland City of Kawartha Lakes Toll Free

County & Haliburton County 1-866-888-4577

(905) 885-9100 (705) 324-3569 Ext 247


Parent Needs Assessment Survey

The Community Planning Table for Children and Youth for the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton parenting committees are looking for feedback from parents, grandparents, foster parents, and guardians. We want to know what parenting information you would like to see available in our community.

Copies of the survey are available in the school office or you can complete the survey online at:


The online survey will be open until Friday, December 16, 2011. Paper copies of the survey must be returned to the school by Friday, December 2, 2011.

Thank you for assisting us in better meeting the needs of our community.


QSP Magazine School Council Fundraiser


The QSP Magazine Fundraiser was a huge success!  The School Council’s goal was $11,000 and, as of the newsletter’s printing time, the total was $11, 532!  Thank you, DDES!


The School Council has already determined that the purpose of this year’s fundraiser will be to support Student Engagement and/or Technology at Dunsford.  Some Parent Council funds will be used as they have been in the past (e.g., contributing some money towards the Grade 8 Graduation ceremony); however, the majority will be spent on Engagement and Technology.  This reflects the Parent Council’s strategic alignment with our school’s focus this year on increasing student engagement.


Fundraising Incentives


The Parent Council provided a number of incentives for top fundraising students and classes.  A special thanks goes out to the top fundraisers who especially contributed to the fundraiser’s success


Free Magazine Subscription Winner – Bradley Davis – Mrs. Wilson’s class


Top Sellers


1st– $50.00 Gift Card- Brittany King– Mrs. Ray’s class – $635.00


2nd – $25.00 Gift Card – Julia King – Ms. Wotten’s A day class – $419.00


3rd – $25.00 Gift Card – Lexie Brittain – Mr. Prins’ class – $353.04


Top Classes – Pizza Party


Primary – Mrs. Wilson – $1455.00

Junior – Mr. Herbert – $1062.00

Intermediate – Mrs. Ray – $1949.85


As a further incentive, Mr. Parish and Mrs. Curnuck (Chair of the Parent Council) offered that if the Magazine Fundraiser goal of $11, 000 was reached, that they would allow themselves to be taped to the gym wall.  With the goal achieved, Mrs. Curnuck and Mr. Parish were happily (?) taped to the gym wall during the Character Education Assembly.  More accurately, perhaps, the students were happy to tape Mrs. Curnuck and Mr. Parish to the wall!  Each student who sold a subscription helped taped the duo to the wall.  Mrs. Curnuck’s “tape team” seemed to have done the better job, as Mr. Parish began slipping down when the table was removed.  Regardless, it was a ton of fun


Thank you to Mrs. Brittain (member of the School Council) who took on the largest role in organizing the QSP Magazine Fundraiser.  She put in many, many hours of working organizing and counting money.  The school has benefitted from your efforts!


Character Ed Assembly – October 28th


On Friday, October 28th, Dunsford celebrated students who demonstrated outstanding character in the trait of Perseverance.  The assembly was mc’ed by Emma Cooper and Daniel Woodhead.  The Student Leadership team presented excellent skits related to Perseverance and Mrs. McReelis organized the overall assembly.  Thanks to all for the many hours of work that the assembly represented. 


Congratulations to the winners of Character Education Certificates for Perseverance: Thomas Krell, Jennifer Ludgate, Graeme Lee, Matthew Rothon, Daniel Hughes, Connor Mehnert, Christa Hutchinson, Dawson Woolsey, Taylor Richmond, Reid Cooper, Zac Langley, Blake Robertson, Alyssa McQuaid, Selina Hayman, Julia Freeburn, Colton Swann, Bailey Samis, Abby Junkin, and Taylor Allen.


A larger-sized photo of this month’s Character Education award winners is at the back of this month’s newsletter (a bigger picture needed more space than this small column!). 


Principal Awards were given to Samantha Hutchinson (Intermediate Division), Parker Haney (Junior Division), Keelin Collins (Primary Division) and Harry Jackson (Intermediate Division).  Principal Awards are given to students who demonstrated outstanding academic efforts during that month.  Congratulations to this month’s winners.




The Character Trait for November is Responsibility.  The November Character Education Assembly will take place on Thursday, December 1st at 12:30 p.m.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Parents of Character Education certificate winners will normally receive a phone call from his/her homeroom teacher a few days prior to the assembly.


PA Day – November 25th


Friday, November 25th is a PA Day.  This is a day off for students (no school on that day).  Staff, however, will be at the school using this time for professional learning and development. 



Dunsford’s Soccer Teams



Senior Girls Soccer


The senior girl’s soccer season was a blast this year. We would like to congratulate the girls for all of their efforts in zone tournament, the exhibition games and the numerous practices.  Emma Cooper showed outstanding goalie skills in net, with Sarah as our back up.  Our forwards, who always worked hard and gave 100% effort, Laura Ham, Livia Karklins, Dawson Coe, Samantha Hutchinson, Raelynn Dobbs and Simplicity Ashton. The midfielders, Lexie Brittain, Nicki Castagne, Braeley Fitzpatrick, Megan Smith, Brianna Billings and Katelyn Graham who were always there for the throw ins and corner kicks.  Finally, our defensive squad who were always on the ready to attack the ball when it came into their zone.  The defense consisted of Sarah Freeburn, Stephanie Reynolds, Emily Taylor and Jennifer Ludgate.  The girls were committed and were out for practice no matter what the weather brought.  The girls played hard and gave 110% in all the situations that they encountered.  You should be proud of yourselves for persevering and for displaying your positive attitudes throughout the season.   We couldn’t have worked together to get goals and stop shots without our awesomely amazing coach Timothy, and a little help from Mr. Avery.

Mrs. Loucks wishes to see all you grade seven’s out for the team next year and wishes our graduating girls all the best next year.  Great job girls!

-Sarah and Nicki & Mrs. Loucks








Junior Mixed


Congratulations to the Junior Mixed team which finished first at its Zone Tournament held at RHPS on Thursday, October 20th.


The team moved onto the County Tournament on Thursday, October 27th at Woodville.  This is the fourth straight year that the Junior Mixed team has made it to the County Tournament.  In their first game against Leslie Frost, the Stingers played a very tight game.  A DDES miscue in front of their own net with less than a minute remaining allowed the Leslie Frost team to sneak away with a 1-0 win.  DDES played a dominant second game, defeating Langton 2-0 – with goals by Dylan Bischoff and Julia Freeburn.  Dunsford also played a strong third game, ending up in a 1-1 tie with Parkview. 


Dunsford’s strong play resulted in the team moving onto the semi-final round.  The Stingers put a strong team effort in against Lady Mackenzie, but lost the match 1-0.  Captains Katie Taylor and Reid Cooper (and Assistant Captain Christian Keast) are thanked for their great passes, support and leadership, both off and on the field.  Special mentions also go to goalies Parker Haney and Emma Downer-Price (who did not allow a single goal all season long!).






Mr. Avery would like to thank the entire Junior Mixed team for their hard work this season.  Many long hours at practices certainly paid off and the team spirit was incredible!  Your experience keeps the soccer program at Dunsford competitive and strong!


Intermediate Boys


Congratulations also go to the Intermediate Boys team that moved onto the County Tournament after a very successful Zone Tournament on Thursday, October 27th.  The competitiveness of the tournament (and strength of DDES) was shown in the number of games that went to shootouts this year.


Dunsford’s first game ended with a 2-2 draw against Archie Stouffer – but Dunsford scored first in the shootout and won!  Our team’s next match also ended in a draw (0-0 against Mariposa).  Despite excellent game play and strong individual efforts, Dunsford couldn’t score against Mariposa and ultimately lost in a nine-player shootout (no tension or anxiety for Mr. Thompson in this shootout!).  More determined than ever, Dunsford scored a 1-0 win over Lady Mackenzie in its third game.  The win assured DDES a spot in the semi-finals! 




The Stingers used all substitute players against Central in their semi-final match.  In spite of Central having a far larger bench, DDES held it to a 0-0 draw in regulation time.  Central scored first in the shootout and eliminated Dunsford from the tournament. 


Mr. Thompson could not be more proud of his team’s efforts this year!  The DDES team carried a small number of substitute players, but truly played together as a team – which accounts for its strong effort this year!  Team members created a positive atmosphere for all and each player contributed to this year’s success.




Nut and Peanut Safe School


Dunsford DES endeavours to be a “Peanut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, etc…) to school.  Some students are highly allergic to these types of nuts.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy feel free to contact the office.


Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks and Volunteers at the School


Please be aware that the format for Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector checks changed last year.  It can take several weeks for these checks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.  The Police and Vulnerable Sector checks are kept on file at the school.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  The form for the Vulnerable Sector search can be obtained from the school and requires the school to fill out certain sections before taking to the OPP.  Up to this point, volunteers have been able to obtain a letter on school letterhead indicating that he/she is volunteering for the school and the police/vulnerable sector checks have been done without cost (at the local OPP station).


Halloween For Hunger


The Student Leadership team organized a Halloween For Hunger Food Drive in the 2 weeks prior to Halloween.  You may have noticed the ever-growing “pumpkins” full of food outside of the office!  A goal of 1 non-perishable food item per student was established.  If the goal was reached students in JK to Grade 6 would be able to watch a movie in the 3rd Block and students in Grade 7 and 8 would earn an Intermediate Dance.  The goal was easily achieved and students enjoyed their reward in the 3rd Block on Friday, October 28th.


Great work, Dunsford, on supporting the food drive.  All of the food brought in will be donated to the Dunsford Food Bank to support others in our local community.


Terry Fox Challenge Assembly – October 14th


The money has been counted – Dunsford’s 2011 Terry Fox Fundraiser in support of Cancer Research was another success!  A total of 7803.00 was raised, which topped Mr. Prin’s and Mrs. Louck’s goal of 6500.00.  Because the school’s goal was reached, staff and students were awarded with the “Challenge Assembly.” 


This year’s Challenge Assembly took place on Friday, October 14th and saw many staff and students put themselves forward for this “fun” event.  Mr. Prins eating live crickets (in a milkshake) ranks as the most impressive and grossest, but Mr. Avery eating 15 of the hottest possible chicken wings (specially made by the owner) from the Wild Wing was pretty amazing, too.  The sweat could be seen rolling down Mr. Avery’s face (and he was on the stage!).  Students also participated with many accepting whipped cream pies in the face and a few taking vows of silence for the day (a teacher favourite, by the way!).  Anabelle Jones, pictured to the left and above, showed school spirit by bravely being one of those pied in the face (and that is a lot of hair to wash afterwards!). 



Staff-Student Soccer Game – Thursday, October 6th


This year’s Staff-Student Soccer game took place on Thursday, October 6th.  Students and staff alike looked forward to the challenge!  The student team consisted of the Junior Mixed and Intermediate Girls and Boys teams.  After last year’s tie, the student team was eager to shut down the teachers.  Despite their best intentions, the students came up short with the staff team winning this year.  Great school spirit and behaviour was shown by the students watching the game (there seemed to be a lot of students cheering on the teachers this year!).


With the staff up 1-0 on Staff-Student games this year, I am guessing that the student volleyball teams will be looking to even the score in December.  The Dunsford staff wish the students the best of luck! 


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack

Healthy snack started mid-October and will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Thank you for continuing to send in money in the manner requested.  Doing so helps to reduce the significant workload involved in organizing milk and the hot lunches.  Thank you to Mrs. Aiabens and Mrs. Curnuck who are helping Ms. Power organize milk orders.  Your many volunteer hours each month are appreciated by the office and students!


At this time, pizza is being ordered from Godfather’s in Bobcaygeon and will continue to be on Wednesdays.  You may have noticed that Dunsford DES is now ordering pizza with a whole wheat crust.  We are also ordering pizza with a lower fat content.  The goal in doing this is to meet new provincial requirements for healthier eating in school.  Starting in November, we will be offering cheese and pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza.  Godfather’s has changed its pizza to meet the Board and Provincial requirements.


White and chocolate milk will be available every day.  Please continue to send money in a sealed envelope with the correct amount as this is very time saving.  Milk is still $.75 a day or $3.75 a week.  Cheques should be made out to Dunsford D.E.S.


Bus Cancellations


The information below refers to bus cancellations in the event of poor weather (e.g., heavy snow or icy conditions).  The school is normally open even  when buses are cancelled.  

Every attempt will be made to have the decision made by 6:15 a.m.

In the event of school bus service cancellation, the following notifications are sent out and parents can access any of these for the information:

BOB FM – 91.9 FM

CBC – 98.7 FM

Country 105 – 105.1 FM

EZ Rock – 105.9 FM

The Wolf – 101.5 FM


For TLDSB schools:


Christmas Hampers


It’s that time of year again!  We will be asking our school community to help us contribute to our local families with the support of a Christmas Hamper. 


We will start collecting for the Hampers in November.  The first day of collection will be on Monday, November 21st and we will complete collection on Friday, December 9th.  The Hampers will be given to families the following week.  If you are in need of a Christmas Hamper please notify Mrs. Power at the office by phone or in person (705-793-2088) asap.  All family names are kept strictly confidential.


The excess food that comes into the school still stays in our community and is given to the church to be used in its food hampers.  Appropriate items include:  canned goods, pasta, oatmeal, cake and cookie mixes, peanut butter, spreads, rice, cereal and age appropriate gifts.   Thank you for supporting this cause and giving to our Christmas Hamper collection.