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Volume 2



October 4th, 2011


Message from the Principal

September felt like it began and ended!  It seems incredible to think that one month of the school year has already passed.  Any number of activities and events have already happened at DDES in September!  October looks to be equally busy.  Please use the school’s monthly newsletter as a means of keeping aware of everything that has happened and will be happening in the next month.


As you read below you will also note a number of staffing changes within the building.  I appreciate the patience and understanding of the students, parents and staff involved in these changes. 


Major News and Pages


2          School Council News

2          School Webpage

2          Staff Changes

3          Reorganization Changes

3          Magazine Fundraiser

4          Char Ed Assembly

4          PA Day Oct 7th

4          Picture Days

4          Police Checks

5          School Sports

6          Milk  and Pizza

6          Staff-Student Game

6          EQAO Information


Thank you to all of the students, parents and staff members who came out to Dunsford’s “Meet The Staff Night” on Wednesday, September 14th.  This is an excellent opportunity for the community to see the school and meet the people who work here.  Thanks go to the staff who assisted in making the evening a success (and spent the evening at the school) and to the parents and students who visited during the night.  If you were unable to attend that evening, please feel to contact your child(ren)’s teachers via the agenda or phone call to the school in order to touch base with staff members.


All students in Grades 1 to 8 should now have an agenda.  If you haven’t paid your child’s homeroom teacher, please send $6.00 as soon as possible.  The agenda is a vital tool for communication between home and school.  It is important that students and parents use the school’s planner each day.  The completion of daily work and homework should be a priority for every student.  Keeping up with assignments will prove to be beneficial as students progress with their daily tasks throughout the year.


Our first DDES Spirit Day takes place on Thursday, October 20th.  This is also the date for the Zone Soccer tournaments.  Students who wear our main school colours (red and/or dark blue) on their pants / skirts / dresses/ shirts/ sweaters can wear their hats in class that day.  I know that DDES has great school spirit – let’s show it as our students prepare for their soccer games!


As always, the school and its staff continue to believe that open communication is critical between the school and home.  We both wish the best where your child is concerned.  Do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.


School Council News


September 26th was the first meeting of the new council.  The School Council elected its executive for the 2011-2012 year:


— Co-Chair:       Tamara Curnuck

— Co-Chair        Jackie Peel

— Treasurer      Stacy Jeffrey

— Secretary      Sarah Horslen


The other members of the School Council are: Gail Brittain, Vikki Cooper, Jeff Thurston, Mike Benoit, Sara Kelly, Shannon Graham, Aimee Haynes, Lori Aiabens and Cherie Willis.  


As always, thank you to those who are able to volunteer their time for the School Council.  


During its first meeting the School Council decided on its Fall Fundraiser – the QSP Magazine Fundraiser.  As well, the School Council voted that the monies raised from the fundraiser would go towards the purchase of either additional technology to benefit students (e.g., mini-laptops or SmartBoards) and/or the purchase of resources to engage students (e.g., reading materials or playground materials).  The School Council is very focused upon using its Fundraising dollars to directly support students and the school. 


The next meeting of the School Council is on Monday, October 24th.    


Information on the School Website


Do not forget that we are doing our best to keep the school website up to date with current information.  There are a number of important items that you can find out about on the school website, including: 


Ÿ The Newsletter

Ÿ Calendar

Ÿ Community News



Staff Changes


There have been a number of staffing changes since the beginning of the year (and since the last newsletter).  I would like to take this opportunity to update you on our staffings.


As noted in a letter sent a few weeks ago, our staffing has been increased by 1.8 teachers – which has resulted in the creation of a new JK/SK class (so we have a second JK/SK class on “A” days) and the creation of a new Grade 6/7 class.  Mrs. Thomas has accepted the position of the new JK/SK class on “A” days.  Mrs. Ray (who was completing an LTO in the Grade 4 class) has accepted the teaching assignment of the Grade 6/7 class.  Mrs. Thomas has worked at Dunsford in the past (and is happy to have the JK/SK class) and Mrs. Ray is looking forward to teaching the Grade 6/7 class.  As well, Mrs. Anderson (who has taught at DDES in past years) will be returning to DDES on “odd” days (Days 1, 3 and 5) providing prep coverage and also SERT support.


Mr. Herbert has been hired to teach the Grade 4 class (as Mrs. Ray has moved to the Grade 6/7 class).  Mr. Herbert has regularly supply taught at DDES last year and already knows many of the Grade 4 students.  Mr. Herbert will be in the Grade 4 class until February of 2012 when Mrs. Pogue returns from her maternity leave. 


Last, but certainly not least, Dunsford has had to bid aideu to Mlle. Hainer – who has taught Core French at DDES for the past several years.  Mlle. Hainer had the opportunity to teacher her own Grade 3/4 class at King Albert.  It will not be easy to replace the energy and enthusiasm that Mlle. Hainer brought to DDES!  A teacher will be hired to replace Mlle. Hainer in the next few days.  When the hire has taken place, parents will be notified via a letter home.


Reorganization Changes


The addition of 2 new classes at DDES meant a significant amount of reorganization in terms of students being relocated to new/different classes.  This looked like a number of JK and SK students being moved between the JK/SK classes (and the SK’s being moved out of the SK/1 class).  A number of Grade 1, 2 and 3 students were shifted between the primary classes.  A brand new Grade 6/7 class was created.  Students were shifted into this Grade 6/7 class from the existing Grade 6 and Grade 7 class.  A number of students were relocated from the Grade 8 class into the Grade 7 class (creating a Grade 7/8 class).


The purpose in providing Dunsford with 2 new classes was to reduce class sizes (with each of our Primary classes at 20 students or less) and reducing student numbers in our upper Junior and Intermediate classes.  The reason additional staff were allocated in mid-September (instead of May or June of 2011) is that the board office staffs our school in May (and all schools) based on the number of students currently in the school.  Dunsford, by September, had gained more students than anticipated – which resulted in the additional staff being allocated.  In this type of situation additional staff are given/removed on a school by school basis (with the decision being made at the TLDSB board office).


DDES Staff 2011-2012


Mr.   D. Parish              Principal

Ms. Wotten                  JK/SK “A” and “B” Days

Mrs. Thomas                 JK/SK “A” Days 2nd class

Ms. S. Graham              Grade 1/2

Mrs. D. Wilson             Grade 1/2

Mrs. V. Prins                 Grade 2/3

Mrs. L. Bent                  Grade 3

Mr. K. Herbert              Grade 4

Mrs. E. McReelis           Grade 5

Mr. B. Thompson           Grade 6

Mrs. C. Ray                   Grade 6/7

Mr.  M. Avery               Grade 7/8

Mr. D. Prins                  Grade 8

TBA                             French & Library

Mrs. J. McFarland        SERT (Primary)

Mrs. Thomas                 SERT (Junior)

Mrs. P. Forget               Prep Coverage on

                                    Odd Days

Mrs. J. Lang                 Prep Coverage on Even Days     

Ms. W. Anderson          SERT and Prep Coverage on Even Days

Mrs. D. Ciesielski          Educational Assistant

Mrs. K. Loucks              Educational Assistant

Mrs. D. Bowman            Educational Assistant

Ms. B. Johnswestacott  Educational Assistant

Mrs. P. Power-Ward      Secretary

Mrs. L. Hatfield            Secretary/Library Clerk (Mondays)

Mr. D. Imrie                 Head Custodian

Mr. B. Thurston            Night Custodian


QSP Magazine School Council Fundraiser


The kick-off assembly for the School Council’s magazine sales fundraiser will be held Thursday, October 6th  at 2:00 p.m..  Envelopes will be going home on that Thursday.  Magazine sales will continue for the next 2 weeks (our hope was to have students be able to sell over the Thanksgiving weekend to ensure we get those “family” orders over turkey dinner!).  All orders will need to be in by Monday, October 17th.  Ordering or renewing magazines on-line is a big part of this program now and we look forward to your participation in this fundraising initiative by the SCC.


A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Ciesielski (EA at DDES) and Mrs. Brittain of the School Council for helping to organize and setup the QSP fundraiser.  Of course, thanks also go the School Council for running this fundraiser (which includes things like counting the money and tracking the envelopes – which are never easy jobs!).


The School Council’s goal is to sell $11,000 worth of Magazine Subscriptions.  This will generate about $4000 in fundraising monies for the School Council.


September Character Ed Assembly – Goal Setting – September 30th 


Dunsford celebrated students who demonstrated outstanding character in Goal Setting on Friday, September 30th. 


Congratulations to the winners of Character Education Certificates: Brianna Billings, Tyson Jeffrey, Madisyn Johnston, Lauren Brittain, Laura Ham, Matt Junkin, Austin Peel, Dylan O’Halloran, Brandon Bellefeuille, Leah Cooper, Evan Sloan, Darnel Gray-Brathwaite, Alycia Fletcher, Holly Smith, Christian Carriere and Katie Taylor.




The Character Trait for October is Perseverance and the October Character Education Assembly will take place on Friday, October 28th at 10:00 a.m..  Parents are welcome to attend.  Parents of Character Education certificate winners will normally receive a phone call from his/her homeroom teacher a few days prior to the assembly.


Goal Setting in Action – Owen Aiabens


One student who showed exceptional Goal Setting character was Owen Aiabens (from our Grade 4 class).  Owen set the goal of growing his hair long enough (while in Grade 2!) to donate to a cancer organization which turns long enough hair into wigs.  After 2 years of hair growing, Owen’s hair was finally long enough to do this.  During the September 30th Character Ed Assembly Owen bravely had his hair cut in front of the entire school.  Great Goal Setting, Owen!




PA DAY October 7th


Friday, October 7th is our first PA DAY.  Dunsford’s staff will be working on our school improvement plan, as well as target setting for their classes.  This is also the Thanksgiving long weekend giving students four days off! 


School Photo Days (October 18th and 19th)


Student and class picture day will be on Tuesday, October 18th for all of our students in JK to Grade 4 and October 19th for our other JK/SK students and Grades 5 to 8 students.  Lifetouch, the company that took the photos last year, will be taking our pictures again this year.  Pictures should begin being taken at 9:00 a.m. 


“Lockdown” Practices


Dunsford DES students will be involved in “Lockdown” Practices throughout the year.  In a Lockdown Practice, students find a safe location in which to stay while the Lockdown has been announced.  This normally involves students remaining in a classroom, shutting the classroom door, remaining silent and out of sight of any windows.  Should a student not be able to get into a classroom he/she would find the safest location possible (e.g., a bathroom stall) and remain as silent as possible.  It is standard practise for DDES classroom doors to be locked at all times.  If a lockdown were to take place while the homeroom teacher was out of the classroom (e.g., during nutrition break) students could then shut the already locked door.


The goal in practicing Lockdowns is that students know exactly what to do should a Lockdown be announced.  Should your child come home and have questions or concerns regarding Lockdowns (or his/her involvement in one) please discuss this with him/her and always feel free to contact the school if you require further information. 


Nut and Peanut Safe School


Dunsford DES endeavours to be a “Peanut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, etc…) to school.  Some students are highly allergic to these types of nuts.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy feel free to contact the office.


Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks and Volunteers at the School


Please be aware that the format for Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector checks changed last year.  It can take several weeks for these checks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.  The Police and Vulnerable Sector checks are kept on file at the school.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  The form for the Vulnerable Sector search can be obtained from the school and requires the school to fill out certain sections before taking to the OPP.  Up to this point, volunteers have been able to obtain a letter on school letterhead indicating that he/she is volunteering for the school and the police/vulnerable sector checks have been done without cost (at the local OPP station).


Cross Country


The Terry Fox Run was a great warm-up for many of our students as they prepare for the Cross Country run at Ken Rei Conservation Centre on Wednesday, October 5th. Thank-you to Mlle. Hainer, Mrs. Bent, Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Thomas for giving  their time to help train these young runners.  Also, thank you to the many runners who have been working and training hard in preparation for the Cross Country Run.  So many students tried out for Cross Country this year that “cuts” had to be made!  Although it is tough when cuts are made, it is wonderful that so many students were interested in trying out!  Both students and staff have given up many recesses during their training.  We are sure that you will represent Dunsford DES very well!  Great stuff!


Soccer Teams


Thank you also to all of the students who have tried out for the Junior, Intermediate Boys and Intermediate Girls Soccer teams.  Mr. Avery (Junior Soccer Team Coach ), Mr. Thompson (Intermediate Boys Team Coach) and Mrs.Loucks (Intermediate Girls Team Coach) are working the students hard in preparation for our teams competing in upcoming Zone Soccer Tournaments on Thursday, October 20th.  Thank you to the students and staff who have been practicing during recesses and after school.


The County Tournaments take place on Thursday, October 27th for teams that qualify (which hopefully means all 3 DDES teams!).    



Terry Fox


This year’s Terry Fox Run was a huge success!  The weather held out (sunshine to start and the rain held off until the afternoon), which

contributed to a wonderful run!  If you haven’t returned your pledge sheets and money yet, please be sure to get your money into the school as quickly as possible.  It isn’t too late to send in your money!  The Challenge Assembly will take place October 14th at roughly 2:00 p.m. with the “challenges” happening the same day outside from 2:15 till the end of the day. 




Thank you to Mrs. Loucks and Mr. Prins for organizing the Terry Fox Run and the events that surround this.  Thanks also go to all of the other staff members who helped make this event possible (whether running with the students or helping supervise for safety).  All staff members were involved in one way or another. 


The total money raised, top fundraisers and top runners will be announced in the November Newsletter. 


Staff-Student Soccer Game – Thursday, October 6th


Weather permitting, our 2nd Annual Staff-Student Soccer Game will take place October 6th at about 2:30 p.m..  Staff have accepted the challenge of playing against the Junior and Intermediate teams.  After last year’s tie, both staff and students are looking to win the game and be “one up” on the other side.  Parents are welcome to watch the game (cheering on the staff, of course!).    


Hallowe’en Celebrations


On Friday, October 28th we will be having our Hallowe’en celebration.  It is very important that students remember costumes and props cannot be violent in nature.  Items such as guns, swords, knives and other weapons are not allowed at school, even on Hallowe’en. 


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack


Thank you for continuing to send in money in the manner requested.  Doing so helps to reduce the significant workload involved in organizing milk and the hot lunches.  At this time pizza is being ordered from Godfather’s in Bobcaygeon and will continue to be on Wednesdays.  You may have noticed that Dunsford DES is now ordering pizza with a whole wheat crust.  We are also ordering pizza with a lower fat content.  The goal in doing this is to meet new provincial requirements for healthier eating in school.  White and chocolate milk will be available every day.  Please continue to send money in a sealed envelope with the correct amount as this is very time saving.  Milk is still $.75 a day or $3.75 a week.  Cheques should be made out to Dunsford D.E.S. Great news starting in November we will be offering cheese and pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza.  Godfather’s has changed their pizza to meet the Board requirements.


EQAO Results for 2010-2011


Grade 3 & 6 students should have received a flyer about this year’s upcoming EQAO Assessments.  It is a short pamphlet outlining the role of EQAO and the purpose of the Assessment which will take place in late May and early June of this school year.


Last year’s grade 3 & 6 students should have brought home their Individual Student Reports indicating how he/she did on last Spring’s EQAO Assessment.


As well, Ontario’s EQAO results have been released and I am pleased to announce Dunsford’s results.  Overall, our students improved results in all 3 areas in both Grade 3 and Grade 6.  All of the classroom staff’s hard work and the students’ hard work certainly paid off!  Students certainly brought their “game” during EQAO in 2010-2011! 


Highlights included 82% of Dunsford’s Grade 3 students reaching Level 3 or 4 in both Reading and Writing (which was above the provincial average).  95% of Dunsford’s Grade 3 students in Mathematics reached Level 3 or 4 (also above the provincial average).    


Our Grade 6 students improved by 18% in Reading and 5% in Writing (with 83% and 70%, respectively, at Level 3 or 4).  The success rate in Mathematics went up 21% to 63%.  DDES’ Grade 6 results were above provincial average in all 3 areas. 


These are certainly excellent results!  These results  reflect a tremendous amount of work and strong teaching by the Grade 3 and 6 homeroom staff and Resource support staff.  I would, however, caution that results can vary from year to year.  As well, Dunsford has relatively small Grade 3 and 6 classes.  The results of a small number of students can “skew” percentages.  Our school’s goal is steady growth over the course of several years (which has been the case). 


Grade 3 Results

(Students at Levels 3 and 4)


                                    Change from 2009-2010


Reading            82        (up 32%)         

Writing            82        (up 27%)

Math                95        (up 53%)


Grade 6 Results

(Students at Levels 3 and 4)


Reading            82        (up 18%)

Writing            65        (up 5%)

Math                63        (up 21%)


As a school, we will be considering last year’s results and using this data (along with other data)  to guide school planning for this year.


Bus Cancellations


The information below refers to bus cancellations in the event of poor weather (e.g., heavy snow or icy conditions).  The school is normally open even  when buses are cancelled.  

Every attempt will be made to have the decision made by 6:15 a.m.

In the event of school bus service cancellation, the following notifications are sent out and parents can access any of these for the information:

BOB FM – 91.9 FM

CBC – 98.7 FM

Country 105 – 105.1 FM

EZ Rock – 105.9 FM

The Wolf – 101.5 FM


For TLDSB schools: