School Council News


September 26th was the first meeting of the new council.  The School Council elected its executive for the 2011-2012 year:


— Co-Chair:       Tamara Curnuck

— Co-Chair        Jackie Peel

— Treasurer      Stacy Jeffrey

— Secretary      Sarah Horslen


The other members of the School Council are: Gail Brittain, Vikki Cooper, Jeff Thurston, Mike Benoit, Sara Kelly, Shannon Graham, Aimee Haynes, Lori Aiabens and Cherie Willis. 


As always, thank you to those who are able to volunteer their time for the School Council.  


During its first meeting the School Council decided on its Fall Fundraiser – the QSP Magazine Fundraiser.  As well, the School Council voted that the monies raised from the fundraiser would go towards the purchase of either additional technology to benefit students (e.g., mini-laptops or SmartBoards) and/or the purchase of resources to engage students (e.g., reading materials or playground materials).  The School Council is very focused upon using its Fundraising dollars to directly support students and the school. 


The next meeting of the School Council is on Monday, October 24th.