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Volume 1



September 6th, 2011


Message from the Principal

Two months has passed very quickly!  The summer holidays have ended and the school community (students, staff and parents alike) are quickly settling into the school routine again!  Although many would not openly admit it, most of us are happy to be back in school and get down to the incredibly important work that takes place at Dunsford District ES.  The holidays have definitely recharged all of us and we are ready to go!


Firstly, thank you to Mr. Imire, Mr. Thurston and Mr. O’Neill who worked extremely hard over the summer to have the school looking in top shape.  Halls and floors are shining (with many coats of wax) and everything has that fresh smell.  As well, thank you to Ms. Power and Mrs. Hadfield for all of their hard work in finishing the year off in the first week of July and preparing for this year’s start-up.  These are huge jobs that require a tremendous amount of work.  Last, but not least, thank you to the staff (teachers and educational assistants) who have prepared their rooms, lessons and curriculum to engage our students and provide the best education possible.


Major News and Pages


2          School Council News

2          Staff Changes

2          Meet the Staff Night

3          QSP Fundraiser

3          Sept Char Ed Assembly

3          Book Fair

3          Terry Fox Run

4          PA Day Oct 7th

3          Photo Days

4          Spirit Day Oct 20th

5          Lockdowns and Hold and Secures


Dunsford DES provides a wide range of activities over the course of the school year that should appeal to the interests of almost every student (from academics to the arts to sports).  I would encourage any student who is interested in any of these activities to get involved – your school year will be even more rewarding!


Parents, please use the school calendar (located on the school’s website) as your best way to keep up to date as to when activities will be taking place at the school.  Ms. Power and I will do our best to keep the school calendar as current as possible.


September will see a number of important events taking place.  Information on each of these events follows in the newsletter in more detail.  The annual “Meet the Staff” night takes place on Wednesday, September 14th, Soccer try-outs will begin soon (the tournament is early October), the Cross-Country team will begin training soon and the Parent Council’s QSP Magazine Fundraiser begins in the first week of October. 


All students should now have an agenda.  The cost for this year‘s agenda is $6.00.  Please send $6.00 as soon as possible to your child‘s homeroom teacher.  The agenda is a vital tool for communication between home and school.  It is important that students and parents use the school’s planner each day.  The completion of daily work and homework should be a priority for every student.  Keeping up with assignments will prove to be beneficial as students progress with their daily tasks throughout the year.


As always, the school and its staff continue to believe that open communication is critical between the school and home.  We both wish the best where your child is concerned.  Do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.




Please remember to post the safe arrival number by your phone so you can call and leave a message should your child(ren) be absent.  When a student is absent and the school has not been informed, office staff go to great lengths to determine if the student is safe.  A short message on the Safe Arrival Line helps eliminate this issue.     


The Safe Arrival Line is:





School Council News


Monday, September 12 is the first meeting of the 2010-2011 SCC (last year’s SCC).  Join us at 6:30 p.m. in the school library if you are interested in seeing how you can help out our school by being on the 2011-2012 SCC.  Attached to this newsletter is a nomination form if you are interested in being a voting member of the SCC.  Fill out the form and make sure it is at the office by September 9th at 4:00 p.m.  If there are enough nomination forms, voting will take place at the next SCC meeting which will be held in October.  Watch for information coming in home in the form of a letter for the date.


Staff Changes


I am happy to provide DDES’ current staffing for 2011-2012.  Based on our student enrolment (with the goal being the best overall possible learning environment taking student enrolment and staffing into consideration) our classrooms were created as noted below.


DDES Staff 2011-2012


Mr.  D. Parish               Principal

Ms. B. Wotten              JK and SK

Ms. S. Graham              SK and Grade 1

Mrs. D. Wilson             Grade 1/2

Mrs. V. Prins                 Grade 2/3

Mrs. L. Bent                  Grade 3

Mrs. C. Ray                   Grade 4

Mrs. E. McReelis           Grade 5

Mr. B. Thompson           Grade 6

Mr. M. Avery                Grade 7

Mr. D. Prins                  Grade 8

Ms. K. Hainer                French & Resource

Mrs. J. McFarland        Lead SERT

Mrs. K. Thomas             SERT (Junior and Inter)

Mrs. P. Forget               Prep Coverage on

                                    Even Days        

Ms. J. Lang                   Prep Coverage on

                                    Odd Days

Ms.  D. Bowman             Educational Assistant

Mrs. D. Ciesielski          Educational Assistant

Mrs. K. Loucks              Educational Assistant

Mrs. P. Power-Ward      Head Secretary

Mrs. L. Hadfield           Secretary

Mr. D. Imrie                 Head Custodian

Mr. B. Thurson              Lead Hand

Mr. D. O’Neal                Part Time Custodian



Meet the Staff Night – Wednesday, September 14th


Keep Wednesday, September 14th, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., open for Dunsford’s annual Meet the Staff night!  On this night, staff will be in their classrooms and will be available to meet parents and guardians of students.  Please remember that the intent of this night is for parents and guardians to briefly meet with their child’s teacher(s) and/or educational assistant.  The intent is not for this to be an in-depth meeting regarding student progress to this point.  Should a parent/guardian seek more in depth information, please schedule a separate meeting with your child’s teacher.


Junkin Family Fundraiser


As many of you are aware Emma Junkin a student at DDES had an accident this summer. There will be a fundraiser for the family on October 29th at the Dunsford Community Centre. Tickets are available at Mum’s Mini Mart for $10. Emma is going thru the rehabilitation process and we wish her the best.


QSP Magazine School Council Fundraiser


The kick-off assembly for the School Council’s magazine sales fundraiser will be held Monday, October 3rd at 2:30 p.m..  Envelopes will be going home on that Friday.  Magazine sales will continue for the next 2 weeks (our hope was to have students be able to sell over the Thanksgiving weekend to ensure we get those “family” orders while Thanksgiving dessert is being served and everyone is in a festive mood!).  All orders will need to be in by Monday, October 17th.  Ordering or renewing magazines on-line is a big part of this program now and we look forward to your participation in this fundraising initiative by the SCC.


Thank you, Mrs. Ciesielski, for helping to organize and setup the QSP fundraiser.  This includes organizing dates with QSP and helping with its overall organization.  I would also like to thank the School Council for running this fundraiser.  This is no small task as it involves sending out the envelopes, counting the money and tracking the returned envelopes.  All of this adds up to many hours of work – which greatly benefits DDES students.


September Character Education Assembly – September 30th – Goal Setting


Dunsford’s first Character Education Assembly of the new school year will take place on Friday, September 30th at 2:45 p.m.


Parents of students who have won monthly Character Education Awards (normally 2 per class per month) will receive a phone call from his/her child’s teacher a few days prior to the assembly.  Parents are always welcome to attend our assemblies!


As well, we will do our best to post the date and time of upcoming Character Education Assemblies on the school calendar located on the school website.  This will be your best location to keep track of dates and times!    


Scholastic Book Fair – September 14th to 16th


September is here and our students are back into their books!  Let’s start the year off on the right foot with a new and exciting book from the DDES Book Fair.  The Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience and share in the joy of reading while adding new resource materials to our school’s library.  The book fair will be open for students on Wednesday, September 14th – Friday. Sept. 16th during their regular library time and for families and community members on Wednesday September 14th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm during our Open House.  Come out, meet your child’s new teacher, and help encourage the love of reading with a cool new book!



Hepatitis B and HPV Shots – September 28th


The Health Unit will be here on Wednesday, September 28th to provide the Grade 7 students with their first stage of the Hepatitis shot.  The Grade 8 girls will be provided with the HPV needle.  Watch for the paperwork that comes home with permission forms for these needles.  Students must have completed paperwork in order to receive these needles.  


DDES Terry Fox Run – Friday, September 30th


This year`s Terry Fox Run will be on Friday, September 30th during the first and second blocks.  This will be our 14th annual run and the 31st Terry Fox Run nationally.  Our goal this year is to raise $6500.  Last year`s total was $6110.50, our total for the past 13 years is $129,488.55 –  a pretty impressive amount for a school our size!  ALL monies raised go to the Terry Fox Cancer organization.


Pledge sheets will be going home Friday, September 10th.  Please help your child fill out and collect pledges with family members and friends.  Pledge sheets should be back to your classroom teacher no later than the day of the run.  We encourage both staff and students to come up with a challenge for meeting certain monetary goals.  Challenges need to be first cleared with Mr. Prins before being written on the “Challenge Board.”


If you are interested in helping out with our Terry Fox Run, please inform your child`s classroom teacher or Mr. Prins.


Thank you to Mrs. Loucks and Mr. Prins for organizing this always successful and very worthwhile event


PA DAY October 7th


Friday, October 7th is our first PA Day of 2011-2012.  Dunsford’s staff will be working on our school improvement plan, as well as target setting for their classes.  It is a critical planning day which allows staff to work together in establishing school priorities.  This is also the Thanksgiving long weekend which gives students a four day break from school!    


School Photo Days – October 18th  and 19th


Bring your best smile and hair brush on these dates!  Student and class picture day will be on Tuesday, October 18th for JK/SK through to Grade 4 and October 19th for our second JK/SK class and students in Grades 5 through to Grade 8.  Lifetouch will be taking our school pictures again this year.  Pictures will begin shortly after 9:00 a.m.


DDES School Spirit Day – Thursday, October 20th  


Students and staff alike are equally proud of DDES!  So let’s show it!  I am challenging the students and staff of DDES to show school pride on Thursday, October 20th by wearing our 2 main school colours: red and navy blue.  Get into the school spirit by wearing red/blue clothing!  This is one day when red streaks in your hair (so long as it is okayed by your parents, of course) are okay at the school! 


You will probably notice that this is also the date for the Zone Soccer Tournaments.  Choosing this date was no mistake – we want to send our teams to their tournaments with Stinger pride!


Great Canadian Fire Drill (October 12th)


Dunsford DES will again be participating in the Great Canadian Fire Drill.  On Wednesay, October 12th, Dunsford and many other schools in Canada will be involved in a fire drill to help ensure that our students know what to do in the case of a fire at the school.  The Great Canadian Fire Drill is just one of the several fire drills in which Dunsford students are involved throughout the year. 


“Lockdown” Practises


Dunsford DES students will be involved in a number of “Lockdown” Practices throughout the year.  In a Lockdown Practice, students find a safe location in which to stay while the Lockdown has been announced.  Lockdown announcements are usually announced over the school’s PA system.  A typical Lockdown announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Lockdown situation.” 


This normally involves students:


remaining in his/her classroom, shutting and locking the classroom door, remaining silent and out of sight of any windows


should a student not be able to get into his/her classroom he/she would find the safest location possible (e.g., another classroom, a bathroom stall) and remain as silent as possible.


A Lockdown might be announced if there was a danger in the school or local area.


The goal in practicing Lockdowns is that students know exactly what to do should a Lockdown be announced.  Should your child come home and have questions or concerns regarding Lockdown practises (or his/her involvement in one) please discuss this with him/her and always feel free to contact the school if you require further information. 


Hold and Secure Practises


A second possibility that parents should be aware of is that of a “Hold and Secure” being announced.  A Hold and Secure might be announced if there was a less serious danger in the school/local area (e.g., a bear was seen close to the school or the police had alerted the school as to something taking place close to the school).  A typical Hold and Secure Announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Hold and Secure situation.”  If students were OUTSIDE (e.g., during recess) the school’s bells would be rung on and off several times and students are expected to immediately return to their classrooms.


This normally involves students:


● remaining in his/her classroom (e.g., not leaving to use the washroom or get a drink) until the “All Clear” announcement is made


● returning to his/her classroom if they were out of it for some reason (e.g., getting a drink)


● immediately leaving the yard (if they are at recess) and returning to his/her classroom  


The purpose of this information is not to be alarmist, but rather to have students and staff practise this so that if it should ever have to be called that the response is one of routine and calm. 


Severe Weather Alerts


Should severe weather be expected or seen at the school (e.g., thunderstorms and lightning or a tornado) and students are out at recess – the signal to indicate that they are to enter the school and go to his/her classroom will be the bell being rung off and on several times.  This is the same signal as a Hold and Secure. 


Nut and Peanut Safe School


Dunsford DES endeavours to be a “Peanut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, etc…) to school.  A number of students who attend DDES are highly allergic to these types of nuts.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy feel free to contact the office.


Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks and Volunteers at the School


Please be aware that the format for Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector checks have changed in the past few months.  It can take several weeks for these checks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  The form for the Vulnerable Sector search can be obtained from the school and requires the school to fill out certain sections before taking to the OPP.


Soccer and Cross Country Try Outs


The start of the school year always brings the excitement of the Soccer and Cross Country Run seasons beginning!  Soccer try outs will be beginning soon for students in Grades 4 to 8.  Students in Grades 4 to 6 may try out for the Junior Mixed team (both boys and girls), while students in Grades 7 and 8 may try out for the Senior Girls and Boys teams.  Cross Country practises will also begin soon for students in Grades 1 to 8.  Both sports provide an excellent way for students to show school spirit and be active at the same time.  Parents – if your child(ren) is interested, please encourage him/her to try out!


For students on the Cross Country team (to be selected by the coaches), the County Cross Country Run will take place at Ken Reid Park on Wednesday, October 5th.


For students on the soccer teams (to be selected by the coaches), the Zone Soccer Tournaments will take place on Thursday, October 20th.     





A reminder that students are NOT to bring valuables (money, jewellery & expensive sports equipment) or electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, MP3 players etc. to school.  We cannot be responsible for the loss of any of these articles.


Milk / Hot Lunch / Healthy Snack


Thank you for continuing to send in money in the manner requested.  Doing so helps to reduce the significant workload involved in organizing milk and the hot lunches.  At this time pizza is being ordered from Godfather’s in Bobcaygeon and will continue to be on Wednesdays.  You may have noticed that Dunsford DES is now ordering pizza with a whole wheat crust.  We are also ordering pizza with a lower fat content.  The goal in doing this is to meet new provincial requirements for healthier eating in school.  White and chocolate milk will be available every day.  Please continue to send money in a sealed envelope with the correct amount as this is very time saving.  Milk is still $.75 a day or $3.75 a week.  Cheques should be made out to Dunsford D.E.S. Forms for ordering will go home on September 9th.